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US imperialism nearing its end: Russian, Iranian thinkers

Moscow, Feb 12, IRNA – A group of Russian and Iranian scholars expressed confidence on Friday that imperialism of the United States is approaching its end and the demise of US hegemony has reached an irreversible point. 

A number of Russian and Iranian thinkers, including candidate of Russia’s 2018 presidential election Sergey Baburin, Iran’s ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali as well as representative of the Supreme Leader in Russia Saber Akbari Jedi, took part in the meeting of “The Decline of the US, the Impact of the Islamic Revolution on Region and World” in Moscow.

Head of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian and Libyan people Oleg Fomin organized the meeting.

The representative of the Supreme Leader in Russia addressed the audience, saying that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has had a profound impact on regional and international affairs as well as the eastern and western blocs.

Akbari Jedi stipulated that the emergence of the Islamic Revolution was a prelude for the decline of world powers, adding that the Revolution could find a proper position in international arena and overcome pressures of hostile powers.

Iran’s ambassador to Moscow emphasized that the Islamic Revolution proved religion is not the opium of the masses, and that a real religion is not old-fashioned and it will not try to survive at all cost.

Jalali went on to say that former US President Donald Trump was hopeful that he could celebrate fall of the Islamic Revolution two years ago, but he has been omitted from political scene and the Islamic Republic is stable and strong.

According to the envoy, Russia has adopted such a stance since 2000, standing against the US unilateralism. China has turned into a big economic power; so, the US is facing serious challenges, he noted.

Baburin underlined that the real importance of the Islamic Revolution has not yet been understood, noting that the Islamic Revolution is among six revolutions, which have changed the course of history.

The 1979 revolution returned the human society to the path of morality and spirituality, the Russian scholar argued, adding that the founding father of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini utilized Islam to help Iran and then asked the Iranians to help the religion.

Leading Russian specialist in military Sivkov Konstantin said that the Islamic Republic succeeded in showing its might and strength to the world.

Sivkov argued that a religious conflict will take place; so, an alliance between Islam and Christianity could overcome a vicious phenomenon, which wants to dominate the whole globe.

Alexander Bortnikov, a social expert, underlined that every society needs spirituality and religion to resolve internal and foreign problems.

Oleg Fomin said that Russia and Iran enjoy a great number of commonalities and continue cooperation based on their own spiritual values. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a very good phenomenon, which is trying to make the world a better place.

A Russian Muslim cleric said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran changed Muslims’ views on Islam and the Revolution filled up religious gaps, because Muslims found out that Islam is a political religion.

Oleg Platonov, a Russian writer, pointed to the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who commanded the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), show the global Zionism and Israel are responsible for problems in West Asia and the Persian Gulf.


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