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Pakistani scholars slam controversial film ‘The Lady of Heaven’ 

Islamabad, Jan 15, IRNA -- Pakistani Shiite clerics and religious leaders strongly condemned the controversial film ‘The Lady of Heaven’ terming it a conspiracy of the enemies of Islam to fan the flames of discord among Muslims and urged the Pakistani government to take stern action to stop such conspiracies. 

In a joint statement, senior Pakistani Shiite scholars condemned the joint conspiracy of evil elements backed by arrogant powers, including the Zionist regime and their puppet Britain.

The statement, signed by dozens of prominent religious figures, Shiite clerics, and seminary leaders, expressed hatred against the anti-sectarian movement of the mercenaries of the enemies of Islam, especially by an individual. 

They said Yasser Al-Habibi, the producer of the film ‘The Lady of Heaven’ by this evil act wants to destroy the atmosphere of peace and brotherhood between Muslim nations to achieve the goal of the arrogant powers to hurt the feelings of the Islamic society.

Expressing their views the Pakistani scholars called upon the Muslims from all religious sects of Islam and followers of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) to condemn such provocative actions and to oppose the conspiracies of enemies of Islam.

They said it is the duty of all Muslims to expose the main plan of the mercenaries of the Western-Zionist intelligence services.

The Pakistani clergies have called upon the Pakistani government to take immediate action to stop the release of the blasphemous film ‘The Lady of Heaven’ stressing the need for effective international action to prevent divisive actions.

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan yesterday during a meeting with the Minister of Religious Affairs said the production and release of such film is the latest conspiracy of foreign powers to incite sectarian strife and destabilize the peace. 

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran considers any action that causes division as a betrayal to the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH).

Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri in response to the controversial film said making such a film is an action against unity. We have asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan to raise this issue with the British government through diplomatic channels.

He added Pakistan calls on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to convene a forum with representatives from all members of the organization to specifically monitor measures such as the production and screening of anti-Islamic films.


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