"Zereh" missile launches midget more competent than its predecessor

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – Deputy head of IRI Armed Forces said here on Thursday that Iran’s new midget Zereh (war attire) has more capabilities compared with Iran’s former missile launcher warships.

Major-General Mohammad-Hossein Dadras focusing on facilities of IRI Army’s new warship said that Zereh has greater combat capabilities, according to Public Relations Office of Army.

The deputy head of IRI Armed Forces elaborated on IRI Navy’s invaluable services in converting the Mokran Port Commercial Ship into a logistical ship that is capable of constant presence in free waters and oceans.

He added: “Today the Iranian armed forces are capable in every possible field of responding to the antagonist moves of the enemies of Islamic Revolution and the new facilities provided for them add to their naval war combat readiness."

The Major-General said that the IRI Air Force, too, has spent tremendous efforts and achieved eye-catching progress, such as our new drones and missiles, which provide high defense capabilities, side by side with our full combat readiness.

He referred to the recent large-scale war game of the IRI Army launched in Semnan province, in which hundreds of new generation of Iranian drones, which are both a lot more advanced, tougher, and matching Iran’s surveillance and operation needs were practically put to use.

“Our entire drone terminals are ready to perform their missions in very remote destinations,” said the high-brass armed forces commander.


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