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Trump has no political future: Ex-US undersecretary of state

New York, Jan 12, IRNA – A former US diplomat believes there is no political future for President Donald Trump because of the “extraordinary sedition” that happened at Capitol Hill last Wednesday.

The Former US Under-secretary of State for International Security Affairs Frank Gardiner Wisner told IRNA in an exclusive interview that “I believe Trump has no political future.”

Wisner went on to say, “I believe the events that took place on January 6, the storming of the Capitol, drove the last nail in Trump’s coffin and that with the exception of a fringe of Americans so small is to have no electoral impact. He has lost his standing and will not be a significant political figure on the American scene much or less a candidate for the presidency in 2024.”

“What transpired on the Capitol Hill was an act of extraordinary sedition and there are constitutional prohibitions against what happened,” the former diplomat emphasized.

He also asserted that “I think Trump will be impeached that is certainly the intention of the House of Representatives today. It will be the first time in the history of the United States anyone has ever been twice impeached.”

Speaking about Trump’s political future in the United States, he noted, “I don’t see him having political standing in the future.”

He further pointed to the stance of the Republican Party in this respect, saying that “The Republican Party is going to be under huge pressure to decide what it is, what it believes and I believe those who chose to vote – the eight senator and 160 congressmen – will face immediate political problems.”

“I now believe all of this is a precursor to the Republic Party’s sitting down and having a sever debate with itself about what it stands for and what it’s heading,” he mentioned, adding that “I also suspect that there will be many who will say: ‘We buy Trumpism but not Trump, we buy the message not the messenger’ that I think is farcical, but I’m sure there will be a number in the Republican Party, who will try to cling on to those principles as they fight for the party leadership.”

“But basically the moment the president leaves office on January 20th the fight will be on for the Republican Party and for its 2024 candidate,” he argued.

Wisner also said that “It isn’t the Republican Party of Donald Trump, it is the Republican Party and has a long history and it’s filled with very fine people. It’s now time for them to shake off this dreadful record of the past four years, reassert themselves, and put the Republican Party backward … to be as a party now in opposition, but believing in the principles of democracy fair play and the other core principles of our democratic practice.”

Referring to suggestions on Trump’s attempt to establish a third party, the diplomat said, “I don’t know whether he will or he won't. I don’t think it matters very much one way or the other, I don’t think he has very many followers and the history of third party movements in the United States is a blink history. No third party has ever had any significant electoral impact except in general elections where they took polls away from one candidate or the other.

Following Trump’s failure to secure his second term in office and Joe Biden’s victory in the US 2020 presidential election, the incumbent president called on his followers to march on Congress on January 6th, while congressmen were meeting to certify the president-elect's victory. However, pro-Trump rioters stormed Capitol Hill, resulting in the death of five people including a police officer. Democrats have blamed Trump for inciting the violence and pushed for his removal from office before his tenure ends on January 19.


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