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Iran won’t tolerate any meddling in defense policies: FM spox

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Wednesday that Iran will not tolerate any interference in its defense policies.

In reaction to the latest statement issued by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), Khatibzadeh noted that Iran has always lived up to international law and its commitments.

Iran will not stand any interference in its nuclear, missile, military, and deterrence policies, he further noted.

Khatibzadeh termed the allegations of the PGCC as baseless, adding that the allegations are the result of the lack of regional and trans-regional insight, holding a grudge, as well as the Saudi regime’s political pressure on the PGCC.  

While the Persian Gulf states were thought to reconsider their approaches to regional issues that have resulted in hostility over the decades, he said, adding that some members of the PGCC insist on following the wrong path and resorting to the threadbare Iranophobia project.

Khatibzadeh stated that the Saudi regime's regional policy and destructive approaches towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries have caused the loss of much of the wealth of neighboring countries and turned the region into an arms depot for Western companies.   

The Saudi regime promotes hatred and violence in the region by taking hostage the council and its meetings and imposing its destructive views, he pointed out.

Sadly some regional countries, despite witnessing the daily crimes of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories and the desire of this regime to heinously infiltrate the Islamic states, have now turned into a gateway of the destructive element of the regime in the region, he underlined. 

By further resorting to the unwise policies, the states are destroying the cooperation opportunities that have provided by Iran to create security and stability in the region, he underscored. 

The Saudi regime and the states where their irresponsible interventions in other countries have led to the killing of innocent civilians, particularly in Yemen, and the spread of insecurity and terrorism in the region, are using distraction to cover up their anti-human rights crimes and escape international punishments, he stated.

The countries that have already done their best for the failure of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action aka JCPOA are now protesting Iran's legitimate actions under the JCPOA, while the Islamic Republic of Iran has always complied with the international law and its obligations, he said.

Thus, Iran does not tolerate any interference in its nuclear, missile, and defense-deterrent policies, he reaffirmed. 

Khatibzadeh strongly condemned the measures taken by some member-states of the PGCC to support the US regime's economic terrorism against the great people of Iran, describing it as contradictory to the good neighborly policy.

He further noted that Iranians will never forget the moves taken by those states. 

Khatibzadeh expressed the hope that the council members, instead of issuing outdated statements that result in nothing but the continuation of the current destructive trend, would pay attention to the realities of the region and shift their approaches towards regional dialogue and cooperation rather than forming a coalition.

Reiterating Iran's stances, he considered the three Iranian islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb, and the Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf as an integral and eternal part of the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Khatibzadeh stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers any claim on the three islands as interference in its internal affairs and territorial and strongly condemns it. 

All the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the islands have been taken in line with the inalienable rights and in accordance with the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, he pointed out.

Based on its strategic approach and the rational policies, Iran has always considered the solution to the region's issues by interaction and cooperation, and welcomes positive initiatives in the field of relations development, based on international principles and norms, he underlined.


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