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WHO reacts to the Iranian coronavirus vaccine

London, Jan 1st, IRNA – A world health organization spokesperson has reacted to the Iranian first trial of locally made coronavirus vaccine by saying that the organization ‘welcomes all vaccine development programs around the world’.

‘Tarik Jašarević’ told IRNA in a written statement that ‘this is a proof of concept, the demonstration that we can indeed develop vaccines to fight this infection, that we have tools that will help us end the pandemic.’
World’s health organisation was asked to provide a statement in relation the new Iranian coronavirus vaccine that was successfully tested on human beings on Tuesday, Dec 29.
Jašarević added that ‘WHO is looking forward to seeing the final data from all vaccine developers’
COVIRAN BAREKAT, the first coronavirus vaccine made by Iranian researchers, was unveiled and injected into three volunteers during a ceremony on Tuesday.

The first phase of the human trial started for the first COVID-19 vaccine produced by the research group of the Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam.

The daughter of Mohammad Mokhber, the head of the Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam, was the first volunteer who received the vaccine.
The first injection has been performed successfully with no symptoms such as shock and fever.
Hamed Hosseini, director of the Department of Clinical Studies of the Iranian Coronavirus Vaccine, said on Tuesday that “the first phase will continue until 56 volunteers are vaccinated.”
Two injections will be done, the second one will be on day 14, and after 28 days from the last injection, the results will be announced, he stated.

Hojjat Niki-Maleki head of the information center of Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam, also said that over 65,000 people have so far expressed readiness to receive the domestically-made COVID-19 vaccine across the country.

According to Niki-Maleki, the production line of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine with a capacity of 1.5 million doses per month will be launched within the next 40 days.

By the next six months, vaccine production will reach up to 12 million doses per month, he said.

In Iran, vaccine platform in several Iranian companies, including in the pharmaceutical department of the Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam, the Ministry of Health and the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

After vaccination, the candidates must remain in quarantine for a week to a month to show the side effects of the vaccine. In the meantime, the test results are checked several times for blood and cellular immunity.

After the results of the study are determined, the second stage begins with the injection in 500 people, and after 28 days, the third phase begins with mass production.

Mostafa Ghane'ei, an official with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, said that the domestically produced COVID-19 vaccine will probably be injected into the whole population by September 23, 2021.


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