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General Soleimani, heroic icon in today Iran

Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA - A university professor says Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, like well-known historic archer-figure Arash, is a heroic icon, who managed to expand Iran's spiritual boundaries to the Mediterranean Sea.

In an interview with "Iran" newspaper on Wednesday, Saeed Leilaz emphasized that general Soleimani's way of thinking and military capabilities made him one of the greatest commanders in the history of Iran, adding that since the lack of such a big icon seems to be perilous for the future of the Islamic nation, the United States assassinated him to target the ancient country's future.
The professor of history at Shahid Beheshti University said that he wrote an article after the martyrdom of general Soleimani pointing out that martyr Soleimani was exactly similar to archer-figure Arash, which served as the historic icon and just like him lost his life especially for Iran.
In Iranian mythology, Arash could expand Iran's borders, but general Soleinami succeeded in spreading Iranian spiritual boundaries to the Mediterranean Sea in reality, Leylaz noted.
According to the academic, martyr Soleimani was very well aware of the history, sociology, politics and environment of every region he went to; so, he was not a soldier, but he played the role of a geopolitical leader and a great strategist. Therefore, the professor added, the Iranian people have had very rare of his kind throughout history.
The former journalist also called for harsh revenge for general Soleimani's assassination, adding that Iran should not retreat from this mission even if it takes 100 years, because the United States' terrorist act hit the Islamic nation very hard.
As to general Soleimani's importance as a central character, who could help political figures join hands, Leylaz said that the US officials thought they could bring Iran to its knees as a result of imposing crippling sanctions, but they witnessed that the Iranians would not succumb to the pressures; so, they decided to assassinate general Soleimani in a bid to push the Islamic country towards a potential war or the negotiating table.
However, the general's martyrdom turned the page and the US sanction campaign doomed to failure because of Iranian' vigilance, the analyst concluded.


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