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Iraqi analyst: 2020, year for blossoming for resistance, US retreat from Mideast

Bagdad, Dec 26, IRNA – A prominent Iraqi political analyst believes 2020 was the year of resistance axis contrasted with the failures for US hegemony and its diminishing influence, including its weakly-founded plans, such as the Great Deal of the Century.

Hashem al-Kandi, the head of the Iraqi Al-Naba’a (The News) Center for Strategic Research said in an exclusive interview with IRNA that the year 2020 began very especially for the Iraqi nation, because of the unjust assassination of martyred Commander of Qods Forces Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and martyred Commander of the Iraqi Hashd al-Shabi (Popular People’s Resistance) Abu-Mahdi al-Muhandis at the crack of dawn of Friday, January 3, 2020.

 According to him, the US President Donald Trump showed the peak of both his stupidity and adventurist policies by martyring two prominent commanders of the resistance forces to an extent that even the UN considered the assassination of the Iranian and Iraqi top military commanders by the United States “an unethical, intriguing move.”

Al-Kandi reiterated that targeting commanders Soleimani and al-Muhandis was beyond all expectations and even those who considered Trump an unpredictable personality did not expect him to make such a silly adventurist move.

The top Iraqi political analyst said that the assassination in question was not merely a passing incident, since it revealed many secret truths; the foremost important one was the high-level solidarity and unity of the Iraqi nation that showed their unanimous strong disgust against the horrendous criminal act.

“The demonstrations staged by millions of Iraqis in the ritual on the procession of the martyrs purified bodies in Bagdad and the other cities where the Iraqi pilgrimage shrines are located for a number of consecutive days were quite unprecedented in Iraq,” he added.

Al-Kandi added that the Iraqi Parliament’s law that demanded the full exit of all foreign forces, and especially the American military forces from Iraq was one of the bravest laws ratified in the parliament after the martyrdom of those two commanders.

He also praised the brave stands adopted by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, as well as the leaders of the resistance axis countries that revenge for the pure blood of those two great martyrs will be taken of the US military forces in the region as appropriate revenge of the martyrs’ shed blood, arguing that the Iraqi resistance forces announced that they will no longer tolerate the presence of US military forces in Iraq as a result.

•           US retreating also from entire region

Hashem al-Kandi focusing on the US status in the region said that the Americans have not achieved any particular and tangible objective in Syria and Lebanon, contrary to the resistance axis that keeps on its ever-onward progress patiently and perseveringly.

The head of the Iraqi Al-Naba’a Center for Strategic Research said that the Syrians are improving the political and security conditions of their country, leaving behind the catastrophic US mistakes in support of the blood-thirsty terrorists in their country.

•           US policy on naturalizing Arab world ties with Israel defeated

Hashem al-Kendi said that the US plan on naturalizing of the Arab world comprehensive ties with Israel, too, has faced defeat since the major Arab and regional countries have refrained from Joining it, and therefore it has faced a big defeat, overshadowing the Great Deal of the Century as well.

The head of the Iraqi Al-Naba’a Center for Strategic Research reiterated that the naturalizing ties communique issued in the UAE, Bahrain, and even Sudan and Morocco were all biased and the region has not been able to digest them.

 “Those countries had many years ago adopted the naturalizing policy with the Zionist regime and the only new development was turning their secret ties with Israel into their official policies,” he said.

•           2021 America much different with 2020 US

Hashem al-Kandi said that the US is leaving behind the year 2020 as the Trump America that was at war against almost all countries around the globe does not exist any longer.

“President-elect Joe Biden tries to remunerate for Trump's insults against the global community,” said al-Kandi.

The Iraqi analyst said that America is beyond doubt no longer the same country that imposed the most severe sanctions in world history against Iran, while the Islamic Republic strongly left them behind and merged more strongly and prestigiously.

“Now Iran has the higher hand since it is now Tehran that dictates conditions for US return to the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and not Washington, with more severe guarantees lest the Americans will once again intend to exit from it unilaterally,” he added.


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