Eternal attractions of fabulous beaches of Bandar Mogham in Persian Gulf

Tehran, Dec 26, IRNA – Visitors who have chosen Mandar Mogham as their destinations have depicted the shore of the port city in Hormozgan province by the Persian Gulf as a dreamy and wonderful scenery in southern Iran.

Nights of the port city have a bright sky and shining stars, which present one of the most fabulous scenes around the world.

The beautiful coast of this port city is one of the dreamy atmospheres that a person can see at any time of day or night.

The Bani Hammad tribe established its headquarters in Bandar Mogham, where their castle and ancient monuments can be seen in and around the port city.

Bandar Mogham is one of the main port cities of the tourist region, which is located 200 km west of Bandar Lengeh.

Moksar beach with its rocky shores and statues is one of the main attractions of Bandar Mogham port city.

Globally-known wetlands, mountain heights, shores and sky-blue waters of the Persian Gulf are among the natural attractions of Hormozgan province in southern Iran.

Hormozgan province with the longest coastline (900 km) in Iran, the Hara forests, beautiful islands full of wildlife sanctuaries as well as the vicinity of mountain, sea and plains is one of the dreamy provinces to travel to.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Corona Countermeasures Headquarters recommended the Iranian people to stay at home and postpone trips to the post-corona period. So, the present condition seems to be the best time to get information about cultural, tourist and natural attractions in Iran for future travels.


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