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New Chapter of IRNA-Xinhua cooperation to open up

Beijing, Dec 22, IRNA – Newly-appointed Head of China’s Official News Agency (Xinhua) He Ping on Tuesday said that Iran and China enjoy traditional friendly relations, noting that both sides complement each other's economies, and the comprehensive strategic document of the two states will open up a new chapter in their relations, while it will be a new chapter in IRNA-Xinhua cooperation.

He Ping, a politician from China's ruling Communist Party, has just been appointed head of Xinhua News Agency by decree of the Chinese State Council (prime minister's office).

He was previously deputy head of The Xinhua News Agency, Cai Mingzhao for six years. Cai Mingzhao has now retired.

The 25-year-old Iran-China Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Program is one of the most significant developments in relations between the two countries, which according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran and Beijing, are still discussing the details of the deal.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA reporter on Monday, the new head of China's official Xinhua news agency added that China and Iran are ancient civilizations and have a traditionally friendly relationship. In January 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping made an official visit to Iran, resulting in the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnerships and relations between the two countries opened a new chapter in China-Iran friendly exchanges.

Stressing that in recent years relations between the two countries have enjoyed "positive and fixed principles", he said that politically, China and Iran have close exchanges at all levels and support each other on issues related to each other's main interests and major concerns, and economically, the two countries complement each other's economies.

He Ping reiterated that at the international level, the two countries are completely confronting multilateralism, jointly opposing unilateral bullying and protecting international fairness and justice.  

Describing the relations between the two countries from a cultural point of view, he said that culturally, china-Iran exchanges and cooperation in areas such as think-in-mind, universities, youth, and journalism are very various.

He Ping described Xinhua and IRNA news agencies as a bridge between the two countries, adding that the media has a mission to strengthen global peace and development as well as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In congratulatory messages on the occasion of each other's appointment, He Ping and Mohammad Reza Norouzpour, the heads of the official Chinese and Iranian (IRNA) news agencies, stressed the need to deepen media cooperation and joint effort at bilateral, regional and international levels.

In response to the latest field of media cooperation between IRNA and Xinhua in the present situation, He Ping stated that Iran is one of the most important countries in the Middle East region along the "Belt and Road".

That is why Chinese media, including Xinhua, have always given great importance to exchange of views and cooperation with Iranian media, he further noted.

Xinhua and Iran's mainstream media have actively expanded their cooperation in the past few years in the areas of news, photographs, videos, new media, social networks as well as personnel exchanges, he underlined.

Stating that Xinhua and IRNA enjoy a long-term friendly and cooperative relationship, he noted that the two news agencies signed their first news cooperation agreement in 1987 and then updated it a number of times.

New head of China's official news agency says the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Iran and China helps IRNA and Xinhua begin new chapter of cooperation. 

He Ping, new head of China's official news agency (Xinhua) told IRNA on Tuesday that the new agency has always attached importance to reporting on friendly exchanges between China and Iran, and published a great number of reports in this regard.

Ping pointed to the coverage of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s first visit to China in 2014 and his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Shanghai as the top story of the official news agency.

Referring to Rouhani’s meeting with Xi at the 18th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2018 in Qingdao, Ping said Xinhua especially covered the meeting.

He also highlighted the existence of cooperation and trust between Iran and China, which has been attained as the result of the Belt and Road Project initiative, noting that Chinese news readers are increasingly interested in reports on Iran. Therefore, Xinhua has increased the coverage of reports on Iran, he said, adding that the news agency also intends to expand cooperation with mainstream Iranian media.

The Chinese media has always paid a lot of attention to Iran, because the two countries have pursued amicable relations and supported each other in several international matters, and reports on Iran such as the Iranian nuclear issue, tensions between Iran and the United States and Iran's stance on international and regional developments have always been of interest to the world nations.

The new president of Xinhua further said that the news agency’s reporters in Tehran prepare in-depth reports on Iran and their news are among the most viewed of Xinhua’s reports on the Middle East.

Xinhua’s office in Tehran published more than 2,700 news items about Iran in 2019, he said, adding that over 1,200 text reports, 1,100 photos and videos were published in that year. Xinhua’s social network accounts with more than 200 million followers in 2019 showed 360 news items on Iran, he mentioned.

In 2020, Xinhua has strengthened coverage of reports on Iran and covered important events such as parliamentary elections in Iran and US anti-Iran sanctions, Ping noted.

In the first half of 2020, Xinhua’s Tehran office published 124 news in Chinese, 836 news in English, 803 photos as well as 48 videos, he said, adding that the office also published 337 news items on its social media accounts. All these figures are completely higher than the number of news published in 2019.

Pointing to Xinhua’s coverage of Beijing’s position on Iran’s nuclear issue, he said that other offices of the news agency in Moscow, Paris, London, Berlin, and so on have covered news reports on Iran regarding issues related to the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and major countries.


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