Sanctioning Iranian int’l university another disgrace for Washington: Senior cleric

Qom, Dec 22, IRNA – Director of Iran's seminaries Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi said in a statement that US sanctioning of Al-Mustafa International University is another disgrace on the long list of Washington’s crimes and total disregard of the rights of the honorable people of Iran.

Al-Mustafa International University is one of the most important Iranian seminaries and international universities that has signed tens of agreements with Iranian and international universities, Ayatollah Arafi said, adding that the university has been impressively active in Islamic and scientific fields for decades and with thousands of graduates, it has always been a symbol of rationalism and moderation.

The statement issued on Monday said that sanctioning such an academic center that has been serving humanity, progress, justice and truth reveals the arrogant and domineering nature of the US more than before.

It added that nothing else is expected from the US government that has been oppressive and bellicose, betrayed nations, supported reactionary rulers, assassinated scientific elites, and killed millions of people especially in Muslim countries.

Condemning the US unwise, oppressive and inhumane move, the statement announced that the sanctions like others on Iran will fail and be nothing but a shame on the US Administration and will accelerate the fall of the US and international Zionism and consequently would ensure more progress in Iran.

On December 8, US Treasury put Iran’s Ambassador to Yemen Hassan Irlou and Al-Mustafa International University on sanctions list of Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).


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