Dec 21, 2020, 1:24 PM
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What Iran demands from G4+1

Tehran, Dec 21, IRNA – Iran newspaper in its Monday editorial wrote that "dialogue is always favored and praiseworthy, and Iran is now faced with four countries that insist on the need for Tehran’s observation of self-restraint in confrontation with Trump’s bad moves and their own not full abiding by their commitments."

In the editorial by Professor Mahdi Zakerian, international affairs analyst and observer wrote that both Iran and the G4+1 have been witnesses to the destroying process of the bonuses offered in JCPOA.

Iran observed strategic patience for a relatively long while. The G4+1 could not resist the illegitimate US economic and financial sanctions. Neither China, nor Russia, and not even the EU took any noteworthy step in this respect, although the G4+1 made the United States international political anti-Iranian moves ineffective a number of times.

But humiliating the US in that respect was meanwhile the result of the wise moves of Iran's quite weathered Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif’s. Professional and scientifically-approved diplomacy on Iran’s part led to President Trump’s defeat at the UN a number of times. He is now gone, and the new US president is speaking of fast return to the JCPOA.

But President Biden must before the US return to the JCPOA act in accordance with the respective UN Security Council resolution. The characteristic of the Iranian political system is its independence from the other world countries in political decision-making.

Iran thus believes that in the negotiations with the G4+1 the Iranian nation’s demands need to be pursued. The Iranians have in landslide elections showed what they favor amicable relations with every country in the world, but not yielding to certain counties’ hegemony in others’ lands.

Therefore, Iran’s demands from all sides is their full return to the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2231; guarantee on full abiding of all sides to the JCPOA commitments and remuneration for the losses inflicted during the past three years; setting the foundation stone for the establishment of a regional security cooperation in which the dominant power will neither be the aggressor countries against the others’ lands, but the victims of aggression, such as Iran.

Now the G4+1 ministers have in their virtual meeting been faced with an Iranian minister who is well aware of the major demands of the Iranian nation, namely security, order, justice, and wellbeing of the Iranian nation, as Iran’s priorities in any negotiation. That is why Iran’s demand in these virtual talks is non-virtual remuneration of the inflicted losses in the past.

Iran has been deprived of having optimum access to world export markets. Effective presence of the Iranian merchants and being benefitted of them from the world financial facilities were made impossible due to the US Department of the Treasury.

World trade with Iran was faced with hesitations, and lack of incentive. These all have been contrary with the wellbeing of the people, their security, and social order, and as a result they had led to damaging both the freedoms and justice in the country.

Besides, the talks on reaching another agreement is not logically justifiable. Those are demands aimed at making the negotiations face defeat. Will the G4+1 fall prey to such traps? What are really the main causes for enmities against JCPOA? Why have Trump, Israel, the UAE and Saudis together with the foreign-based Iranian opposition shaped up a saint alignment against the JCPOA and are harmonized in that respect today?

However, the result of success of that coalition is weakening the Iranian nation. I do not mean that the JCPOA alone can strengthen the people. No! But I am sure that the sanctions have always injured the people as their first victims.


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