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White-clad soldiers in COVID-19 era

Tehran, Dec 20, IRNA - A strange and unknown pandemic has caught the seemingly advanced human of the modern era. A microscopic virus that showed how limited and weak contemporary human abilities are, contrary to his/her claims.

The deaths of millions of people around the world are caused by an uninvited virus called COVID-19 that is the principal cause of the host's death, and this uninvited guest seeks another host one by one.

In the meantime, countries with the knowledge of their medical weaknesses, know the only way to deal with this ominous guest is observing health protocols.

However, some people have unintentionally engaged in this ominous party, a party that may bring them the end of life if the white-clad health ambassadors do not go to the hosts' aid.

Nurses have risked their lives with sincerity and enter this scary party to help the landlord get rid of the uninvited guest.

The white-clad people who have given their lives and loved ones to God with tears in their eyes and have rushed to the aid of the health of the society on a difficult battlefield due to the presence of this horrible virus.

A lot of nurses lost their lives fighting the coronavirus and many of them came to the rescue of other people, but now they are infected with the virus and are being treated in the intensive care unit.

In this tough battle, the white-shirted homeland, the soldiers of these days of the world, will help their compatriots in the world with a strong stature and hopeful eyes.

If the white-clad soldiers were not at the hospitals, the killing rate of this shameless virus would probably have been much higher.

Yes, today we are walking in the most sensitive turn of history, and behind the white-clad soldiers, we are walking in the darkness of the path meanwhile, we are giving our lives to the selfless and brave white-clad nurses.

These days, "Nurse" is a strange word. The word should be revised in human dictionaries after controlling this frightful virus.

And the numerous images and videos of virtual or distance visits of nurses around the world with their families and children hurt the heart of every human being, but it shows the level of self-sacrifice of these health fighters who wore white on the coronavirus battlefield to society do not wear black.

Mina is a nurse in a coronary intensive care unit with thick, protective clothing that can only be identified by the etiquette on her clothes as a man or a woman and a child away from the dearest person in her life. A child whose distance from her mother weighs heavily on her small shoulders, but it seems that she has also realized that the mother is carrying a much more important task at this point in history, and the health of the community is due to her presence in the hospital and quarantine ward.

Iran's National Nurse Day coincides with the birth anniversary of one of the most revered ladies for Shia Muslims Hadrat Zeinab (SA). Nurses are uniquely at risk of COVID-19 and are affected by the pandemic.


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