Dec 13, 2020, 12:26 PM
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Biden intends immediate return to JCPOA: top US nuclear analyst

New York, ِDec 13, IRNA – Jim Walsh, an MIT professor and top US nuclear and security analyst, said here on Saturday that the US president-elect Joe Biden, keeping in mind the stands he adopted during his presidential campaign, will initially choose to immediately return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JAPOA) and then begin comprehensive talks with Tehran.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Professor Walsh said, “If you had asked me about Biden administration’s approach towards the JAPOA issue and whether he should immediately return to US commitments in its framework, or beginning talks with Tehran first two months ago, my answer would have probably been different.”
He noted that "efforts aimed at reaching new conditions before the US re-entry into JCPOA would be a strategic mistake."
The MIT nuclear and security affairs professor further said that "Biden can also start decreasing the US sanctions, particularly in banking and oil fields, as an effective trust building measure."
“Almost all the anti-Iranian moves made by Trump administration were based on executive presidential orders, which can now be annulled based on the same mechanism,” further reiterating, “if he is serious in his claims on US return to the JCPOA that will help him achieve his goal,” he added.
Professor Walsh, who is also the author of a book titled ‘Iranian Nuclear Program: Reasons, Aftermaths and Options’ and a dozen other strategic works, said that "even if we assume that the US Congress will ratify new anti-Iranian sanctions the president can in a bid to purse his strategic plans annul them using his presidential powers."
IRNA asked the American professor about his opinion on recent German FM stand on the need for achieving an agreement beyond the JCPOA.
Professor Walsh said: "the comment is of trivial importance," adding that "various voices are heard from Europe, even from the same EU country, but generally speaking I do not think they are worth paying much attention."
“The important point is that the Europeans, China, Russia and Iran have remained in the JCPOA, and president-elect Biden, too, has sent clear messages revealing his serious intention to return the United States to it,” he added.
He said that "if all sides of the JCPOA will insist on the need to revise the JCPOA and the need for further negotiations, Iran and the United States can begin bargaining for new reciprocal demands, which will be a very tiring and complicated diplomatic job. "
Professor Walsh said that "the negotiations with Iran will not be an easy course, particularly due to the Corona pandemic both in Iran and in America, and the extremely different political arena in Iran compared with the beginning of President Rouhani’s tenure."


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