Nov 22, 2020, 12:54 PM
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Iran urges Canada to stop double standards

Tehran, Nov 22, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh urged Canada to stop double standards and to comply with its commitments to human right and stop its support for the US "Economic Terrorism" against Iran.

Speaking in his press conference on Sunday, Khatibzadeh said that Canada has adopted political measures against Iran in gross violation of human rights and at the same time supports the US "Economic Terrorism" and anti-Revolution movements, so that the Foreign Ministry has summoned Italian ambassador to Tehran as interest section of Canada to protest Ottawa government's unlawful acts.

He urged Canadian government to comply with its commitments to human rights and stop double standards in its behavior and actions.

However, the Canadian government's approach has been destructive over the last few years, the spokesman said.

Asked about Mohammad Javad Zarif’s phone call to his British counterpart, he said they discussed bilateral and regional issues.

Elaborating on Iran’s conditions for US to rejoin JCPOA during Biden’s term, he said US administration’s behavior is important for Iran not their expectations and Iran will vigilantly monitoring the diplomatic developments.

He reiterated that US maximum pressure has led to maximum failure and anyone who takes office in the White House should respect rights of Iranian nation.

Regarding recent missile attack on Iranian embassy in Kabul, he said Iran is worried about its neighbor, adding that wounds of terrorism, war and US aggression and killing innocent people of Afghanistan are the the US legacy for the Middle East.  

Yesterday accident was rocket attack on Kabul and Iranian embassy was also targeted but no staff was seriously injured.

Iran holds enemies of Afghan nation responsible for the attack, Khatibzadeh said.

Iran condemns terrorism in any shape or color, he said, adding that peace in Afghanistan is possible through holding intra-Afghan talks, Iran has always supported it and all groups and parties should abide by it.

In response to IRNA reporter’s question regarding Mike Pompeo visit to region and his anti-Iran remarks, he said Pompeo’s trip seems to be aimed at political fishing not following up US administration’s policies.

Some countries had considered Trumps term as an opportunity but it was not a chance for them but a window for all issues that they created for their scandal, he noted.  

Khatibzadeh advised regional states’ rulers who relied on those who were expelled from the White House by American people to return to regional cooperation.

He described Pompeo’s tour as painful, saying were it not for the betrayal of some Arab rulers, the US Secretary of State would not have gone to the Occupied Territories, did not violate UN resolutions, and did not whitewash Israel’s inhumane acts.

He deplored US secretary of state’s remarks, saying Palestinian cause is holy and all should comply with it.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to Iran defense cooperation with Venezuela, saying Iran’s policy has not been to export arms. Of course after lifting arms embargo we have the right to use it but we will take advantage of this right responsively.  

Khatibzadeh stressed that Iran’s behavior toward other countries will be responsively meaning that Iran will help international peace and stability of that country.

He noted that there is surprise that Saudi Arabia has supported blacklisting Ansarallah by US Department of State.

Saudi Arabia has been killing innocent people of Yemen for several years, according to hundreds of independent international inquiry, Saudi Arabia has bombed Saudi Arabia with cluster munitions.

Saudi Arabia has blockaded Yemen and not only does not welcome any attempts to solve crisis in Yemen but conduct sabotage against it.

The only solution to Yemeni crisis is to recognize intra-Yemeni talks and letting international processes to lead the crisis to correct path.

Iran proudly stands by the Yemeni people, Khatibzadeh reiterated.


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