Nov 14, 2020, 10:33 AM
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What world expects US President-elect Biden to do

Tehran, Nov 14, IRNA – US President-elect Joe Biden is to take office in a couple of weeks while the world community has numerous important expectations from him to fix the face of the US by taking effective steps to remedy the damages caused by wrongful conduct of the outgoing administration.

With Biden’s victory in the US elections, gave rise to hope of change in current US administration's destructive and unconventional approach to the world order.

The “America First” policy of President Donald Trump put US interests ahead of any other thing and even hurt the interests of other countries. They repeatedly wanted Washington to respect international law and the interests of other countries but were rejected every time.

One important expectation is for Biden to have constructive cooperation with the world community to tackle global challenges. US extremists tarnished US reputation so much that even its allies were disappointed with having constructive interaction with Washington.

Several UN officials, among them the UN chief, have welcomed Joe Biden’s victory and called for US co-operation with the United Nations.

Former High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini has commented that the past four years has been hard for the Americans and Europeans who saw their values were ignored by Washington. She hoped that multilateralism will be US top priority under Biden.

The other expectation from the incoming US administration is to return to the path of interaction with the world. If Biden fails to do so, Europe may get closer to China and Russia and the US will be further isolated, which will deal a serious blow to the US national security.

The international community also expect the US to return to international agreements from which Trump withdrew, and example of which is Iran’s nuclear deal that was a symbol of multilateralism and international diplomacy.

To show his lack of commitment and disloyalty to international law, Trump also withdrew from World Health Organization, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Paris Agreement, UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council of course after bitter criticism of the US Human Rights record, and the World Trade Organization.

Trump only sought US interests and paid no attention to the interests of others. He even focused on certain allies of Washington. He ignored Africa and Latin America, which infuriated them. US hostile policies pressured Latin American countries while they were already dealing with various challenges.

Undoubtedly, Biden is expected to respect the interests of other countries and their territorial integrity enshrined by the UN Charter.

The US president-elect is also expected to take up policies to de-escalate tensions throughout the world. Trump played an important role in creating several tensions. His lack of interest in creating friendly relations among countries had caused anxiety.

In the current situation that the world is fighting coronavirus and cannot stand any more tensions, Biden is expected to de-escalate tensions and also play an important role to help resolve the global challenges.


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