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New White House settlers should not re-test Iranians

Tehran, Nov 9, IRNA – Handover of the White House does not make major difference for Iranian nation and Government that opted for resistance to any excessive demands of foreign governments.

But it is better for the new comers learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and not to test Iranians again.

Incumbent President of the US Donald Trump will fail in his legal battle he initiated over his defeat and Democratic President Joe Biden has declared victory to take up the White House leadership.

Biden will inherit a burden of violated agreements and rash decisions, one of which is the withdrawal of Washington from Iran nuclear deal, the Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Trump pulled out of the JCPOA and imposed the most severe sanctions on Iran but failed to break the Iranians. Now it is Biden’s turn to opt for.

Trump became a candidate for presidency with the help of his huge wealth. And from the very beginning, he talked about hostility to Iran and the internationally endorsed JCPOA.

He continued the enmity when he found his way into the White House as well. He then imposed sanctions on Iran to paralyze Iranian economy. He annulled the permit of Boeing and Airbus to sell passenger planes to Iran, afterwards.

In mid-summer 2018, He banned any trade with Iran using dollars and rials, as well as issuing insurance for shipments of Iran’s gold and other precious metals. Even Iran’s car making industries were sanctioned.

Trump administration kept adding more and more people and companies to the endless list of sanctions. Iranian present and previous military and civilian officials, and even judges and nuclear scientists, were no exception.

Iran’s oil sale dropped to its lowest level in the past 40 years.

Trump’s social conduct that mostly came from his jealousy and selfishness, and attempts made by anti-Iranian lobbies and certain regional countries to form unrest in Iran, along with the unprecedented sanctions, aimed at overthrowing the Islamic Revolution before its 40th birthday.

Trump moved heaven and earth to have a photo-ops with Iranian officials. But all these attempts failed and now Trump is to leave the White House with an unsatisfied desire to defeat Iran.

When the US withdrew from the deal and restored sanctions, Iran waited for a year for the other signatories of the JCPOA to do their commitments. When nothing especial was done, Iran started to play its own cards and reduced its commitments one after another in five steps – announcing that these steps are reversible if the other members do their own.

Washington expected that Iran’s not selling oil to stop its life support system. Not only did that not happen, but for the first time in history non-oil export of Iran surpassed imports.

In the past few months, Iran has inaugurated numerous big and small infrastructure projects every week, leaving a good heritage for the future government of Iran.

Although under the sanctions, Iran managed to launch its first military satellite and provide more than 90% of its defense needs domestically. And production of ballistic missiles, defense systems, drones, jets engines, jet fighters, submarines, and other military equipment increased more than before.  

In January, Trump made one of his biggest strategic mistakes; against International Law and the UN Charter, he assassinated Iran’s world famous anti-terrorism commander General Qasem Soleimai, which united Iranian people more than before against his excessive demand.

In diplomacy, Trump was rejected by the world four times and Iran managed to prove its righteousness in the past eight months.

Now that Trump is to leave the White House and Biden is to enter the Oval Office. As President Hassan Rouhani has said, it is time for the US to compensate for its previous mistakes and return to its international commitments.

Translated by: Hossein Abolqassemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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