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US governing system more guided than democratic: Analyst

Tehran, Oct 28, IRNA – Two analysts told IRNA in a roundtable discussion that the US governing system may seem democratic but it is in fact totally guided and doctrinaire.

The countdown for 2020 presidential elections in the US has begun. In a week, the next president of the White House will come out of the ballot boxes. However, though Democrat Joe Biden shows to lead the polls, incumbent President Donald Trump still has a little chance of victory.

A huge amount of US power is placed in the president. Hence, who presides the Oval Office can be of importance to other countries, including Iran.  

In this regard, IRNA has held a round-table discussion with two analysts whose ideas follow:

Gholam-Reza Ansari, a former parliamentarian and a member of Union of Islamic Iran People Party, said although the US political system seems democratic, in the deep, it is highly guided and doctrinaire. That’s why 'electoral college' was introduced in addition to the votes of the people. The officials can change the results of the elections whenever they feel needed – as they did to send George Bush Jr. to the White House. The same methodology can be used to keep Trump in the Oval Office.

Ansari said that Trump took the office with the same methodology in 2016 when Hillary Clinton had 5% more votes than him, adding that despite the 10% more votes for Biden shown in the polls, Trump may be kept in the office due to the unfinished businesses of the US government about its violent and irrational policies in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

He also said that the role of American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, and the Iranian-Americans is very big in the US elections. To whomever these two groups incline, he will be the president.

Regarding Tehran-Washington relations in the post-elections era, he said that Iran’s problem is not people like Trump. The main issue is the behind-the-scene currents that decide policies of the Democrats and the Republicans for decades or even centuries.

He added that on the other hand, Iran needs to have a more interactive approach.

The other participant in the roundtable discussion, Hossein Canaani-Moqaddam, the secretary-general of Iran Green Party, said that the US elections system is not based on people’s votes and that’s because of the traditions of the parties.

Trump is a representative of his party, whose political strategy is to gain more power and to diminish and destroy other countries in favor of the US, Canaani-Moqaddam said, adding that the Republicans incline to reach their political and economic goals by power tools and militarism.

On the other hand, Democrats mostly rely on soft power and penetration to reach the same goals, he said.

He added that with regards to the Middle East, both groups promote Islamophobia under the supervision of Tel Aviv; it is the Zionists who pay for the US elections, so whichever group concedes more points to the Zionists will have a bigger lobbying power and thus, they will conquer the White House.

He said that the probability of clash between Trump and Biden is not remote at all; Trump has the power and but his behavior shows that he sees himself as the loser in the elections, so he has announced that if not reelected, he is not going to leave the White House easily.

The other side is Biden who according to the polls have a lot of votes in California and Pennsylvania, Canaani-Moqaddam said, adding that Trump may egg his fans on to take to the streets if he is not reelected to office.

On the other hand, postal voting has made Trump’s situation shakier, which may lead to a long-running feud between the two candidates after the election results are announced.

Trump may even start a war to postpone the elections if he finds himself in trouble, he said.  

He said that Trump’s victory in the elections will be more beneficial to Iran than Biden’s because Trump has already done whatever at hand to pressure Iran and in his second term, he will be empty-handed; but Biden will use the same old policy of the Democrats, i.e. soft tools, to make Iran concede.


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