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US current approach unprecedented menace to UN, UNSC: ۤForeign Ministry

Tehran, Sept 20, IRNA – Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Sunday saying that the approach of the current regime of the US is a big danger for international peace and security and “an unprecedented threat to the United Nations and the UN Security Council.”

If the US or any of its few pawns makes a move in line with these threats, it will face a serious reaction and will be held accountable for all its dire consequences.

The US is falsely claiming that all the UNSC sanctions have been revived while the its request to restore sanctions has been rejected by the UNSC because it is not a participant of the JCPOA; such a process had never started, the statement read.

Inasmuch as the US Secretary of State himself knows that his claim about restoration of UNSC sanctions is out of place, empty, and legally ineffective, the US is using the method it is accustomed to. It is threatening to impose extraterritorial sanctions on countries, which is the best sign that the US move in the UNSC has failed.

The statement said that as Iran has repeatedly announced, the US regime is the biggest threat to the peace and security of the world. This fact has never been more apparent and overt than now that the US is openly threatening the world and turning a blind eye to UNSC resolutions.

In 2018, when, against all international norms, the US unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA, it deprived itself of the right to use the mechanisms stipulated in the deal and the UNSCR 2231.

It hoped that the maximum pressure policy would put Iran in a dilemma of submission or disintegration; but after two years since that date, lonelier than ever in the project to make the issue of Iran and frustrated with its inability to create a consensus against Iran, the US is now taking up bullying and blackmailing the international community. 

The statement added that while almost all the members of the UNSC rejected the absurd approach of the US about UNSCR 2231, the US regime is threatening the countries of the world due to their commitment to international law –  as its bullying and bludgeoning policies dictate.

The Foreign Ministry said in the statement that the fiery statements of the US secretary of state are for the domestic public opinion of the US because they have been recently defeated by Iranian active diplomacy and feel frustrated and feeble because they have repeatedly been rejected by the international community.

It also advised the US President Donald Trump to stop counselling people ignorant of world conditions if he does not want to isolate his country more than it already is.

Reiterating that the approach of the current US regime is a threat to the international security and an unprecedented threat to the UN and UNSC, the statement added this time not only has the US secretary of state derided all the principles of international law and UN Charter, but he has openly challenged the international community and insolently publicized his administration’s bullying and roguery.

Translated by: Hossein Abolqassemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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