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US can do nothing more: Gov’t spokesman

Tehran, Sept 19, IRNA – The US government has done whatever effective capacities at its hand to sanction Iran and can gain nothing else from any further action with the United Nations Security Council, Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Saturday.

What is going on in the arena of US foreign policy about the snapback invocation in the context of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is actually an attempt to pull Iran into new playground to provide Washington with more options.

Some 30 days ago, in a move against the International Law, Washington demanded to invoke the snapback clause of the JCPOA.

Evidently, Iran is to gain another win in the framework of multilateral diplomacy and the US is to suffer another defeat in using unilateral policies. Iran is not the only country which the US has tensions with, but the White House has been defamed in no self-made crisis as much the one with Iran.

A decade ago, it was absolutely beyond belief to see the US so isolated that even its European allies eschew it and voice a loud “NO” to Washington’s unlawful demands.

It is even more unbelievable to see that the collective resistance is done in the most important security organization in the world, i.e. the UN Security Council, to save an agreement whose pivot point is Iran.

We need to bear in mind that those days the US easily made big and small powers of the world pass six resolutions against Iran, but today not only can the countries standing by the US be counted the fingers of one hand, but also some of them are – due to their violating the international law – among the most detested and the most isolated governments in the world.

The remarks made by the US secretary of state claiming that all the previous UNSC sanctions on Iran will be revived and threatening other countries to make them follow the US is another defamatory move for Washington. What’s more they will leave no legal traces.

The question is why does the US government insist on the dead end despite knowing the result?

The simple answer is that after two years of failed attempts and on the verge of the presidential elections, they hope to accomplish what they want by provoking Iran into leaving the JCPOA.

The warmongers that want to digress public opinion from Donald Trump’s dismal performance are looking for a new adventure.  

In the past few years, despite all the difficulties and pressures on the people and the government, Iran has exercised more resistance and expediency and has neutralized all the plans of the US devised to form a consensus to stir up tensions between Iran and other countries.

This is most probably the last act of the White House dwellers’ play to gain credit to spend in the elections.

The US government has done whatever effective capacities at its hand to sanction Iran and can gain nothing else from any further sanctions. They are trying to destroy what is left of the JCPOA.

We are not worries about the snapback. We are worried about those who do not know the strategy of the US.  

What we should do is to strengthen the resistance to be politically more coherent, to make the US more isolated than before, and to watch Washington drown in the quagmire it has created with its own hands.

Patience is sometimes the most effective way to counter the enemy. The isolation of the US is the result of Iran’s patience on the days Trump decided to withdraw from the international deal.

Perhaps, if we had shown our anger and made a retaliatory move, the US would not be so isolated now.

The dual policy of more resistance and wise diplomacy is the cornerstone of all these achievements.

Translated by: Hossein Abolqassemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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