Sep 16, 2020, 12:55 AM
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Afghan Peace Talks and Pompeo’s Opportunism

Tehran, Sept 16, IRNA -- Following the release of about 150 dangerous Taliban prisoners by the Afghan government, the environment was right for talks between the legitimate government and the Taliban. Qatar is hosting the talks and, as an active player, has made the necessary preparations for the talks.

In connection with this development, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

Talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are a positive step towards a just peace. Justice-oriented peace means respect for the rule of law, independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, avoidance of war, and political participation of the people. A just peace will certainly last, because it enjoys the full support of the Afghan people.

- The opportunistic presence of the US Secretary of State, (Mike) Pompeo, which is aimed at raising the votes of Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, has a negative impact on the negotiation process and can disrupt the path to a just peace. Usually, one cannot be optimistic about the future when Americans intervene in such developments and pursue their own interests. The United States invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 to fight the Taliban, and today seeks to compromise with the Taliban to secure its interests. The people of Afghanistan will never forget the American crimes in their country.

- The presence of foreigners, NATO, the United States and the US agents and mercenaries, such as Daesh/ISIS, in Afghanistan, is one of the main causes of insecurity in this country. The United States transferred ISIS terrorists from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan and still supports the group today. Pompeo's slogans in Qatar cannot obscure Washington's support for the ISIS in Afghanistan, and the Afghan people will not accept the US interference in the peace process.

- The Taliban group, which considers itself as a national group in Afghanistan, should also use the current opportunity and move towards the national interests of Afghanistan by respecting the rule of law and respecting the rights of the government and other groups and ethnicities.

Today, war and insecurity in Afghanistan are not limited to this country and are a serious threat to the regional security. For this reason, Afghanistan's near and far neighbors are interested in establishment of peace in Afghanistan and are ready to work together to achieve this goal.

- The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a historical friend of Afghanistan, believes that establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan does not have a military solution, and a political solution is the only way out of the current situation. What is important for Iran, is the security of Afghanistan, and the disruption of Afghanistan's security by foreign forces, especially the US military, is a serious concern for Tehran.

And last but not least, the government of Mr. Ashraf Ghani and all groups influencing the fate of Afghanistan should know that the United States is not a friend of the countries in the region and seeks to consolidate its dominance in the region, including Afghanistan, with its strategic goals. Pompeo's visit to Qatar is not out of compassion for the Afghan people, but to help Trump win the election; and the Afghan people will not be fooled by American tricks.


Written by Mohsen PakAeen (Iran's former ambassador to Azerbaijan)

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