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Trump’s electoral use biggest threat to Afghan peace process: Afghan parties

Kabul, Sept 14, IRNA – Secretary-General of Afghan Millat Party Mohammad-Jafar Mahdavi said on Monday that Doha peace talks should be regarded a project of US President Donald Trump’s team for the upcoming presidential elections and the biggest threat to the Afghan peace process.

Mohammad-Jafar Mahdavi told IRNA that the issue of peace talks in Afghanistan is a very complicated puzzle-like one and the look of Trump that considers is as a tool for winning the elections is a serious challenge on the path of Afghan peace process.

There are a huge number of factors needed in the stability and peace in Afghanistan so that foreigners will not be able to exploit it, Mahdavi said, adding that this is while the Trump team looks at the peace talks as a project, which is biggest threat to the peace process in Afghanistan, and the world and regional consensus is not seen in the US approach.

He said that unfortunately, unlike the Bonn conference in which biggest world powers participated and managed to draw up a relatively acceptable road map for Afghanistan, the Americans are in this meeting trying to monopolize the issue.

He added that no world or regional consensus is seen in this issue. Absence of foreign ministers of some countries, like Russia, has the clear message that there is no consensus for peace in Afghanistan, which is a very serious threat for that.

Regarding US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s remarks saying that Afghans themselves should decide about their country, he said it is right, but the US has been fighting a war inside Afghanistan, killing many, and imposing irrecoverable damage on Afghanistan.

The US came to Afghanistan with the motto of human rights and democracy, but, now their interests necessitates ignoring them, he said.

Secretary-General of Afghanistan's National Welfare Party Mohammad Hassan Jafari told IRNA that the US is not seeking to bring stable peace in Afghanistan; they are just seeking an advantage for Trump in the elections.

If the Americans were seeking peace in Afghanistan, they had 20 years to do so. They do not want the peace, because then they will have to leave Afghanistan, he said, adding that the geology location of Afghanistan is profitable for Washington.

Jafari also wanted other countries to jointly try for peace Afghanistan so that the US will not be able to create more sedition and conflict in the country and the region.

Translated by: Hossein Abolqassemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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