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Trump making every effort to mislead US voters

Tehran, Sept 14, IRNA – US President Donald Trump is cheating both inside and outside the US to win the elections. He is trying to give his opponent Joe Biden a mighty blow with two projects: peace in Afghanistan and Arab states’ normalizing relations with Israeli occupying regime.

He has played the card of transfer of embassies of some countries like Poland and Kosovo to Jerusalem, which has cornered Biden.

The other card Trump has played is Arab states’ normalizing relations with Tel Aviv. He knew this move will perplex the countries of the region, especially Palestinians.

The news shook the US public opinion like a bomb and had its effect on the elections in the first few hours. The second bomb exploded when Bahrain revealed its decision to normalize ties with Israeli occupying regime.

Most probably, in the coming week, one more Arab state will announce that it is to normalize relations with Israel. It doesn’t make any difference which one; the important thing is that the flame be burning until the night of the elections. Saudi Arabia will most probably be the last ring of the chain.

This is an electoral trickery on the part of Trump because Arab states of the Persian Gulf had clandestinely good cooperation with Israel since 40 years ago, when Egypt and Jordan publicized their relations with Tel Aviv.

To fool the American voters, Trump is playing a card that has been played long ago.

Trump is also using the issue of peace in Afghanistan against the Democrats who are trying drag him out of White House.

Eventually, after two years of secret talks and give-and-take with the Taliban, Washington succeeded to sit at one table with them in Doha. The meeting was, however, expected by many to end in failure due to rooted reasons.

Even if the talks culminates with an agreement, there is no guarantee that the it will stay for long.

So, the game Trump is playing is more a deceit to shepherd the US public opinion to Republican ballot boxes than something real.

Even in the domestic issues, Trump is cheating. He could have simply solved the issue of George Floyd’s murder by the US police through dealing with it normally and ordering the murderer to be arrested. But he preferred to fan the flames of people’s rage to threaten the middle class Americans.

Trump imagines no moral barriers for himself in order to win the elections. He is even using the fatal coronavirus to stay in the White House.

He has killed 200,000 Americans and made the huge economy of the US fall, and now is trying to engineer the public opinion to win the elections.


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