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Zarivar Lake;  eye-catching Jewelry on western Iran

Sanandaj, , Sept 13, IRNA - Zarivar, is a beautiful and spectacular lake and the largest freshwater lake on Zagros Mountains. It is located three kms west of Marivan city and about 130 kilometers from Sanandaj, the capital of Kordestan province.

The name of Zarivar lake consists of two parts: Zari and Baar or Vaar. The word Zari and Zaria in Kordish language means “sea”, the words vaar and baar in Kurdish meaning “like” and “species”.

Therefore, Zarivar means “like the sea.” But others have taken baar or vaar in Zarivar to mean “beach” and “aside.” Local people believe that there is treasure at the bottom of the lake. Zar means treasure and one of the reasons for naming here is peoples` beliefs.

Zarivar lake or Zarivar lagoon in the height of 1285 meters above the sea level is one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world that has all the conditions of an international lagoon. 

No river comes in this  and its water supplying from the water springs at the bottom of the lake and melting snow of the surrounding mountains.

 Weather of this lake in springs and summers is cool. In autumns and winters, weather gets cold and sometimes the water freezes.

The surface of the lake covers with the ice in winter due to the cold weather and its freshwater, but near to 60 points in the lake does not freeze in terms of water springs under the lake.

Zarivar lake as an ecological and aquatic ecosystem rare phenomenon in Kordestan province is located in a relatively large longitudinal valley and surrounded by mountains covered with forest from the east and west sides.

This lake has many species of fish, birds and vegetation diversity. In addition to Zarivar beauty and well known as a recreation area, it also plays a very important role in an agriculture of the region, fishing has prospered in this lake and is so popular at holidays.

Zarivar Lake has a special variety of plants. Parts of the shore of the lake are surrounded by species of reeds. There are also species of ivy on the shores of the lake. Water Lily has also been seen in this lake.

Zarivar Lake is a suitable habitat for nesting birds in west of Iran because of vegetation around the lake and the diversity of aquatic species.

Duck, heroin, coots, Bitterns, and swallow are birds that live in this area. Hunting birds such as Circinae and Kestrel also live on the shores of the lake. Also, fish such as common carp, grass carp, and eel are the lake’s aquatic species.

Restaurants with various foods, parking, four-star hotel and a beautiful view, has made here as a center of tourism.

Sailing boat can be joyful here. Walking around and seeing the landscape of the lake, looking at the sky at night and other things are just small portion of attractions in here.


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