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Iran condemns Bahraini leaders for normalizing ties with Israeli occupying regime

Tehran, Sept12, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement seriously slammed Bahraini leaders for normalizing relations with Israeli occupying regime, saying it is a shameful and humiliating act in total disregard of plight of the Palestinian nation.

This shameful and humiliating action made by Bahrain slaughters Palestinian aspiration and decades of Palestinians’ campaign is in total disregard of the sufferings of the Palestinian nation for the sake of US’ elections, the statement reads.  

There is no doubt that the oppressed Palestinians and freedom-loving Muslims in the world will not accept normalization of ties with Israeli occupying regime.

Such a shameful act will remain in the memory of oppressed Palestinians and the freedom-seeking nations.

The Bahraini government in a strategic mistake instead of gaining legitimacy from its people, has turned its back to them and has slaughtered the Palestinian cause for US’ election campaign.

Iranian Foreign Ministry reiterated that Bahraini rulers will be accomplice to crimes of the Zionist regime as permanent threat to security of the region and the Muslim World and as the root cause of violence, slaughter, conflict, terror and bloodshed in Palestine and the region as well.

Such an act will only lead to escalation of violence and hatred of the oppressed Palestinians, Muslims and freedom-seekers in the world.  

Iran warned against creating any insecurity by the Zionist regime in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian ministry also held Bahraini government responsible for the consequences of any measure in this regard.  

The Zionist regime of Israel and the UAE in a joint statement on August 13 officially normalized relations.

Earlier, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has betrayed the Islamic world, Arab states, the regional countries, and Palestine, with letting the Zionist regime into the region.

They let the Zionists into the region and consigned the issue of Palestine, which is the issue of usurping a country by normalizing their relations, the Leader said: "The UAE rulers opened the door to the region to the Zionists, and they have ignored and normalized the question of Palestine, which is a question about the usurpation of a country. This stigma will remain on them."

Despite the fact that the Palestinians are under severe pressure from different directions, the UAE is cooperating with the Israelis and the Americans, including that Jewish person who is present in the Trump family, against the interests of the Islamic world and deal with absolute cruelty with the Islamic world, he noted.

Translated by: Ali Izadi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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