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Trump achieves nothing by putting pressure on Iran: senior expert

Tehran, Sept 8, IRNA - US President Donald Trump achieved nothing by putting pressure on Iran so that Trump has no foreign policy privilege to present to the US people for the presidential election, a Tehran-based university professor said on Tuesday.

Failure in the fight against the deadly coronavirus, racial discrimination and economic problems have made the American people lose trust in Trump, Mehdi Nourbakhsh told IRNA in an exclusive interview.

About the US defeat in the United Nations to reimpose sanctions against Iran, Nourbakhsh said Washington will need nine votes in favor if it wants to hold a UN Security Council emergency meeting and approve anti-Tehran resolution.

But, US has not those votes, because when it presented resolution to extend arms embargo on Iran, none of the UNSC members except for Dominican Republic voted for the resolution, the expert said, referring to the China and Russia move to strongly oppose the US anti-Iran resolution.

He underlined that it was the first time in the history of the UN that the United States faced such a defeat and could not get what it wished to do.

Nourbakhsh said that he believes that US unilateral approach is the most important reason behind its defeat.

United States withdrew unilaterally from the July 2015 nuclear deal, which enjoyed endorsement from the UNSC and the permanent members, he said, describing the nuclear agreement as a remarkable multilateral deal.

Elsewhere, the senior expert spoke about the "snapback" clause of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action endorsed by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 and said that the US attempt to invoke the snapback clause of the JCPOA will create tension in the Security Council because UNSC members do not support the US approach and decision.

Abdou Abarry, Niger's UN ambassador who chairs the Security Council for September, has recently said that the US has no authority to start the snapback mechanism.

Also, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in August that the US is no longer a member of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as it withdrew from the international agreement in May 2018, so it cannot use the snapback mechanism according to the acknowledgment of some American officials.

If the US decides to activate the snapbck mechanism, it will give right to itself, for  instance, to seize the Iranian ships in the international waters; and this would be dangerous and increase world's mistrust in the Untied States, Nourbakhsh said.

Nourbakhsh said that the Europeans' disagreement with the US decisions lends great credibility to international bodies.

All in world should know that when an agreement is signed and supported by an international body like the UN, no country is entitled to leave it unilaterally unless it gets others' green light, Nourbakhsh noted.

The expert stated that no one should think that the Europeans did not want to do anything in favor of Iran; but they "could not" because whatever they did to have exchange with Iran, the US created obstacles to it.

He underlined that most of the European companies are working privately, so they do not want to put at risk their interests by business with Iran because most of their interactions are with the United States.

Asked about the future of the US if a democrat becomes the US president, the analyst said democrats do not want regime change; meanwhile, they want to return to the JCPOA and prepare the ground for holding talks between Washington and Tehran.

If Joe Biden comes the next US president, the way of interaction between the US  and Iran will be smoother, the expert underlined.

"All say that the JCPOA is a win-win international agreement that helps ensure global security."


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