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Disgraceful act of French publication a new manifestation of modern ignorance

Tehran, Sept 5, IRNA – Iran's High Council of Human Rights in a statement on Friday condemned desecration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by a French publication, saying that the disgraceful move is a new manifestation of modern ignorance.

The insulting act of the French magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' in republishing insulting cartoons about the 'mercy of all the worlds', the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tormented the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, the statement said.

It noted that setting fire to the book of guidance and dignity, the Holy Quran, once again proved the modern-time ignorance.

This is the same modernity that has ridiculed human values, enslaved the freedom in its misconceptions and under the pretext of freedom, supports terrorist acts and encourages blasphemy, the statement read.

And at the same time, in the context of following the bullying of the American regime in exerting maximum pressure on a free and freedom-loving nation, the free economic activity of millions of people has been limited even to meet their basic needs and contrary to all human rights rules and regulations, closes their access to medicine and treatment, the statement said.

Iran's High Council of Human Rights, while expressing its deep disgust with the shameful act of the French publication and regretting lack of deterrent response by the French authorities, considers this move as a violation of the rights of hundreds of millions of people and strongly condemns it, the statement said and called on the free thinkers across the world and international human rights organizations and the French legal circles to condemn the publication's hateful act in order to protect human rights and the sacred concept of freedom.

It went on stress that it expected the French government to deal with the perpetrators seriously.

Charlie Hebdo is a French left-wing satirical weekly magazine which has a history of publishing heinous cartoons. It published blasphemous cartoons in 2012 and 2015 which prompted Muslims across the world to protest against the move.


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