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Chinese analysts: US not legally authorized to re-impose Iran sanctions

Beijing, Aug 23, IRNA – A number of Chinese analysts have criticized the United States for its push to activate the so-called trigger mechanism and re-impose sanctions against Iran.

The analysts told IRNA that the US does not have the legal authority to demand the return of sanctions, adding that its efforts against Iran are illegal and inexcusable.

They believe that the US anti-Iran moves are part of its domineering policy in line with Washington-built order for the world.

Yang Shi, a researcher at Beijing International Education Institute (BIEI), in his interview with IRNA said that the US anti-Iran move is an unreasonable measure that will bear no fruits.

Shi called on other world countries to stand up against US domination.

Recently, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) reviewed the anti-Iran resolution proposed by the US and rejected it.

When the US President Donald Trump left the July 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018, he lost all opportunities for approving resolutions against Iran, Shi said.

The researcher censured the US for threatening other countries including Russia and China which have openly been against its resolution.

US may also sanction Chinese companies which have trade exchange with Iran, Shi said.

In a related development, Fan Hongda- professor at Shanghai International Studies University- says when the US withdrew unilaterally from the international deal, aka Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), it would be no longer a member of the deal, so it will not have rights the same as other signatories have within the framework of the JCPOA.

The Global disagreement with the US trigger mechanism is a punishment for the US treason against the international norms, Hongda noted.

As, he underlined, the world society cannot tolerate Trump's dangerous measures which he takes to ensure his own interests.

In today world, all should cooperate to bring about peace to the world and resist those countries which are after domination, he added.

Another Chinese researcher, Li Haidong told IRNA that the disagreement with the US measures show that world countries are after formation of a new world order which is not dominated by the US and is based on justice and balance.

Haidong, who is researcher at Institute of International Relations, said China and Russia stand against the US decisions taken based on its own order.   

The analysts believed that Iran is not to be intimated by the sanctions.


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