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1953 coup in Iran token of US villainy: Vaezi

Tehran, Aug 18, IRNA – Presidential Office chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi wrote on Tuesday that the US-led 1953 coup in Iran was neither the first nor the last instance of its meddling in Iran’s affairs and stressed that Iranians consider the coup as the manifestation of Washington’s villainy and irresponsible interferences.

Mahmoud Vaezi wrote on his Instagram account that 67 years ago, the US interfered in Iran and overthrew the government elected by the people.

Vaezi wrote that 25 years after that bitter event, the honorable Iranian people closed all the ways of foreign interference with the 1979 Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini.

He added that Iran has protected its independence after long time – a fact that the US excessive demands will sooner or later have to come to an end.

The coup staged by the US in Iran on 19 August 1953, is among the most important and fateful events in modern Iranian history. In the coup, which was openly directed by the US, the first democratically-elected government of Iran was overthrown and the despotic shah was re-empowered.

In December 1944, Iran's National Consultative Assembly passed a law obliging the government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh to ask for the parliament's assent before negotiating with foreigners about crude oil, which was the first step to put an end to foreign dominance, especially that of the UK over Iranian oil reserves. The move tasted bitter to the United Kingdom that was looting Iranian oil.

The law terminated the four-decade-long British control over Iran’s oil. Before that time, the Anglo Persian Oil Company exploited Iran’s crude and returned only a small fraction of its revenues to Iran.

Discontented with the decision, the UK took the case to the international court of justice in The Hague and the United Nations Security Council. In both international bodies, they were heavily defeated in ICJ by Iran's Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, which left London and Washington no choice but to engineer a coup to topple Mosaddegh.

While Iran was trying to establish control over its national resources through the nationalization of oil, Operation Ajax took place by the UK Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), better known as the MI6, and the US Central Intelligence Service (CIA).

Operation Ajax is a black page in the book of UK and US interference in Iran and will never be cleaned off Iranians' memories and pages of history.

Winston Churchill’s government was desperate to regain control of Iran’s oil industry, “by virtually any available means, including military action,” wrote Malcolm Byrne of the National Security Archive and Tulane, so they plotted a coup to drive Mosaddegh out of power. 


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