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How to find the perfect place to eat in Toronto

There are lots of elements that contribute to the quality of your experience in a sandwich place.

We broke each and every one of them down here and looked for them in best-reviewed sandwich places in Toronto. Almost all the places came short of our very high standards in at least one category but one place met them all. We found the perfect sandwich place in Toronto.

Good food needs good ingredients

The food is obviously the first thing you look at when evaluating a place to eat. Using good ingredients, while not the only factor, is the most important factor in the quality of the food. Whatever you find in your sandwich should be fresh. The bread, the meat, the vegetables; they all should be bought on a daily basis to be perfect for a sandwich. The freshness really affects the end result significantly. The quality of the ingredients should be high, too. There are a lot of grades of quality for all the ingredients out there and the perfect sandwich place finds and buys the best ones.

It also needs professional hands

We said it before. The ingredients are not all that matter. A skilled chef who has a well-trained staff makes a huge difference. The chef should also have enough experience to know how to manage the staff and how to assign tasks so that they can get the best out of each staff member. The chef, in the perfect place, should cook their own menu so that they know every little detail about how they want every item on it cooked.

The more beautiful the place, the more enjoyable the experience

There are a lot of things going on outside the kitchen that significantly affect your experience in a sandwich place. The look of the place and the atmosphere can be the difference between an enjoyable, memorable night and a dull, boring one. Different visual elements of the place should be optimized and with the intention of helping you enjoy your meal. The music, if there is any, should be heard just as the background music. You don’t want people to have to shout in order to communicate with each other.

Good service equals satisfied customer

The service, as we say, is another element that has lots of different aspects to it. There should be enough people in the staff for waiting the tables so that the customers don’t have to wait for their food more than they need to. The staff should be properly trained; the waiters should know the menus top to bottom; the bartenders should be fast and precise. The manager, also, should have enough authority on the staff to be able to organize them while keeping their morale high.
The waiters have almost all the human communication that customers get from the restaurant.  So they should represent the attitude of the place well. They should be patient and take time to answer any question that customers might have. Waiters also have to be the most effective way of getting feedback from the customers and passing it to the management. It certainly helps if the owner or the manager show up to the tables every once in a while to check on the customers, too.

Perfect number of choices

The menu should be varied. Customers should have different choices. But they should also be able to go through the menus fast. Reading a long menu and deciding what to order from it is a tedious, tiring task. A long menu also poses problems in the kitchen. Since the kitchen has to be ready for making all the items on the menu as fast as possible, having too many items makes their job inefficient. Either the quality of the food would not be perfect or the wait time would be too long. You want neither of those in your perfect sandwich place.

Is the food worth the price?

Last but certainly not the least, is the price. The fair price is not always the lowest price – surely not for a high-quality meal – but it should be in accordance with the portion of the meal and not just to show the fanciness of the place. A meal in a perfect sandwich place can be high-class as well as fairly priced.

The search for the perfect sandwich place

You read the criteria. You know our standards. With these standards, we looked into the most popular sandwich places in Toronto and evaluated every aspect of their work. Most places had good ingredients. But for many of them, that was where the good would end. Some places had good food, but not-so-good service. Some places where unappealing to eat in, despite serving decent food, and some others were the opposite; nice décor, bad sandwiches. Few places offered good food, in a good ambiance brought to you by nice people, but almost every one of them was at least a bit more overpriced; except one place.

The perfect sandwich place in Toronto

Haida Sandwich is arguably the best place you can have Persian sandwiches in Toronto. The place came out on top in every category we looked into. Their food is simply incredible. It will be unlike anything you have ever had. The sandwiches are huge, jam-packed with great ingredients – different kinds of meat along with fresh, tasty veggies.  They have very interesting specials that you have to try. They even have Pizza Sandwich! Haida serves the sandwiches both cold and grill-toasted that each has its unique taste and texture. You can fridge your leftovers without worrying about the quality decreasing. It just unleashes another layer of the taste. It will not get soggy or unappealing in any way. They have other options on the menu, too. The Persian-style pizzas there are nothing short of their amazing sandwiches.

Their service is super-fast. You will not have to wait a second more than needed for your food. The staff will make you feel like home with their friendly behavior. They let you take your time with the menu – which they know from top to bottom – and will answer every question you might have about it. You will not be rushed.

In terms of the ambiance, the place is simple but beautiful. The atmosphere is nothing but lovely, cozy, and relaxing.

Their prices are the best we saw all over Toronto compared to the food and service. When you pair their prices with the portion and quality of the food they serve, you see why. You can be sure that here is where you can get your money’s worth.

And to top it off, as the bonus, they have one of the best deliveries. They manage to deliver all these great foods right to your door while still warm and at their best.

The next time you want to have sandwiches in Toronto, take our advice and give Haida Sandwich a try if you have not already. You will not be disappointed.

Source: In partnership with Haida sandwich source

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