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US supports Sharmahd, others as long as it benefits: Intelligence minister

Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA – Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi on Saturday referred to the arrest of Jamshid Sharmahd, ringleader of terrorist group 'Tondar', saying people like him committed a mistake by relying on the US and the Zionist regime, and they both support these people until the time they benefit from them.

He added in a televised speech late on Saturday that Jamshid Sharmahd, the ringleader of the Tondar (Thunder) terrorist group was arrested by the intelligence Ministry's forces and this is not the first complicated operation by the Intelligence Ministry in dealing a blow to the terrorists.

"Earlier, we informed Interpol about this person's crimes in Shiraz, but nothing happened to arrest him," he said.

"Interpol knew that this person was a terrorist, but they did not expose him. Like Mohammad Reza Kolahi-Samadi who lived in the Netherlands for 30 years under a fake title; he was the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Iran on June 28, 1981, who lived in this country under a false identity and eventually was killed mysteriously, Alavi said.

Despite the fact that the international police were in charge of arresting him, they did not do anything in this regard, which is a sign of the futility of the West's slogan in the fight against terrorism, he said.

Sharmahd, who guided the armed and sabotage acts against Iran from the US, was arrested in complicated operations by the Iranian security forces and is now in the hands of the country’s intelligence ministry, a statement by the ministry said earlier.

Tondar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, also known as Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an armed terrorist royalist group seeking to overthrow the ruling government and restore the monarchy in Iran.

Tondar claimed responsibility for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada in which 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured.


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