Rouhani terms endangering lives of Iranian passengers as aerial terrorism

Tehran, July 29, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday described the recent aggression of the US jet fighters against Iranian passenger plane in the Syrian airspace as aerial terrorism.

He made the remarks addressing the cabinet session in the capital city of Tehran, calling on the responsible organizations and all countries to stand up against the action.

The enemies sought to put the Iranians under economic pressure, he said, adding that the country's economic framework and people's lives are well-managed in the current time.

With regard to the growth in the local production, he stated that the enemy has not been able to shut down our large factories.

The production of the main industries in Iran has been increased and factories have been more productive compared to the preceding year, he further noted.

He underlined that the enemy is creating divisions in the country, adding that the foe was after provoking struggle among Iranian powers, but to no avail.

The rulers of the White House must realize that there are no alternatives for them, but the compensation of the damages created for Iranians.

If you believe that the Iranians will kneel against the sinister acts of the US, you are totally wrong, Rouhani said while addressing the Americans.

If you think that the Iranians relinquish their rights, it is not the case, the President pointed out.

He went on to say that the nation will not be disappointed in achieving their objectives.


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