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Contrary to what West says, Iran role model of independence, progress

Tehran, July 29, IRNA – An Iranian politician said on Wednesday that Iran has managed to reach immense achievements and become independent and self-sufficient in several fields in the past four decades despite the US unprecedented and oppressive sanctions.

The head of Iran’s interest section in Cairo Nasser Kanaani-Chafi wrote in an article a copy of which was obtained by IRNA that July 27 was the 40th anniversary of the death of the toppled shah of Iran in Egypt. He was the second shah of the Pahlavi Dynasty and the last ever monarch of Iran.

"After his father was dethroned, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi ascended the throne with the help of the UK on 16 September 1941 and shortly after he fled Iran, Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was toppled in a US-UK coup in 1953 and the shah reclaimed power. Eventually, he was overthrown in 1979 Islamic Revolution lead by Imam Khomeini," Kanaani-Chafi said.

Saying that he has written the article in response to some Arab and Western ones, Kanaani-Chafi wrote what some of these penmen have written is “far from being fair". They have followed the anti-Iranian media and tried to depict a black picture of Iran, distorting the facts and claiming that the country has been going backward, not forward.

He said it is interesting that some other authors and even officials of these countries have tried to show that Iran is interfering in the regional and trans-regional affairs directly or indirectly.

The truth is that Iran is neither weakening nor interfering in the domestic affairs of others. Iran has neither been a colony nor a colonizer. Iranians took to the streets to cut the meddling hand of foreigners, including the US.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is politically independent, anti-US-Zionist hegemony over the world, and against foreign interference in the regional affairs.  

As a developing country and despite 40 years of oppressive sanctions of the US and Europe, Iran has been able to become a pioneer in science, technology, military, medicine, agriculture, IT, nuclear science, nano-technology, and many other modern sciences.

Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the eight-year Iraqi invasion, Iran was in need of importing the most basic military items, including weapons and barbed wire, to defend itself. However, it is now equipped with ballistic precision missiles that can hit the invaders' airbase hundreds of kilometers away and radars that can intercept and take down or even take control and land the state-of-the-art drones of the enemy. The country has also reverse-engineered the drone.

In producing strategic agricultural products, Iran has become self-sufficient, and has changed an oil-based economy to an oil-free one. Iran is on the verge of proposing an oil-free budget bill to Majlis (the Parliament).

The country that was an importer of medicine and even physicians, but the country is now an exporter in the field and enjoys numerous skilled doctors and provides services for the nationals of many neighboring countries as well.

The problems Iranian people are fighting with are rooted in the oppressive sanctions of the US that, according to the US officials, have been unprecedented in history.

Those who wanted to isolate Iran have now realized that Iran is an important, powerful, and creative player in the region and speaks with power even under the most severe sanctions.

Iran is powerful but does not invade. Its defensive power is only used to stop invaders and serve stability and security in the region. it is after “a powerful region” because it can stop extra-regional interference. Modestly, but honorably, Tehran extends a hand of friendship toward the neighboring and regional countries.

Iran will pass through the banking sanctions and defeat the US one more time.


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