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President: Enemies could not halt "our exports"

Tehran, July 29, IRNA - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the country has passed difficult days in the past two years; meanwhile, the enemies could not halt "our exports".

He said in remarks to the cabinet session this morning that the current management of the affairs of the country is satisfactory and fundamental needs were enough provided for the people.

The government is aiming to keep the prices in balance and has taken due measures towards the issue, the president said.

The more the production and employment increase, the more exports the country will witness growth, the president noted, referring to growth in country's production thanks to great endeavor made by the national manufacturing sector.

Elsewhere, he talked of Iran's cooperation with Eurasian Economic Union since implementation of bilateral agreement, and said Iran' exports to member states have grown up 63 percent during the first three months of the Iranian year stared on March 21.

Despite the unusual situation caused by pandemic worldwide and lockdown of the in borders, Iran's exports increased, the president noted.

Since its outbreak in December 2019 worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic created obstacles to holding many world events, meetings and public gatherings. It also led to the closure of border crossings as a preventive measure to counter the deadly virus which has killed over 663,000 up to now.

The president said that good move has been taken across the country to follow regulations and keep the market and prices in balance.

Also about religious rituals including Arafah Day and Muharram to mourn for martyrdom of Imam Hussein- the third Imam of Shia Muslims, the president said they will be held under the health protocols that the protective measures should be followed by all.

On day of Arafah, Shia Muslims go to holy places such as mosques and graves of Shia Imams to perform Arafah prayers.

This year, Iranian pilgrims cannot attend the Disavowal of Pagans ceremony in Arafat Desert, 20 km southeast of holy city of Mecca in west of Saudi Arabia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the president said while describing the event as unprecedented in the history of Islam.

Touching upon the enemies' anti-Iran measures, President Rouhani said that they were in vain to damage "our economy" and put people under the economic pressure.

In recent weeks, the enemies have also taken another anti-Iran measure that was to sow discord among people, government and the three branches of power; however, they were unsuccessful thanks to national unity and guidelines made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, he said.

Further, he called on the nation to not pay attention to rumors made by the enemies to create problems for people.

Meanwhile, the president censured the enemies for attempts to issue anti-Iran resolution at the United Nations Security Council.

In a related development, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that US attempt to extend arms embargo on Iran runs counter to the context of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as there is nothing about sanctions on arms at the Resolution 2231.

The Iranian president said that the enemies continued their sinister activities by endangering Iranian passenger plane on the international sky.

Then, he called on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), UN Security Council and regional states to react to the issue and take stance on it.

Iran's Mahan Air passenger plane was en route to Beirut, Lebanon, when it was threatened by two US military jets on Syrian airspace on Thursday night (July 23). Civil Aviation Organization of Iran has lodged a protest with the International Civil Aviation Organization over the US aggression on an Iranian passenger plane which made some of the passengers and crew wounded.

The president addressed the officials at the White House and said they have only one way to deal with Iran, and that is to implement International Law and compensate the Iranian people for losses.

"If you think the Iranian nation will bow down to your pressures and evil acts, you make mistake."


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