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Iran says US not honest either in words or actions

Tehran, July 27, IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in his weekly news conference on Monday that the United States Administration is not honest either in words or actions, especially about the region and Afghanistan.

Mousavi said that Iran considers US as dishonest and the US presence posed threat to stability and security of the region, especially in Afghanistan.

Rejecting any foreign intervention, he said the inter-Afghan talks should be centered on the Afghan Government.

Congratulating the two upcoming Eid al-Adha and Day of Arafat, he recalled the anniversary of Operation Mersad in which the MKO attacked Iran from Iraq in 1988 and were heavily defeated.

The MKO are now old and feeble but were young and had equipment and military hardware at that time and also enjoyed foreign support but failed, he said, adding that the MKO is detested by the Iranians and that the people of Iran will never forget their betrayal.

Regarding the recent diplomatic developments, he said Foreign Minister Zarif’s trip to Moscow and met with his Russian counterpart and also talked with President Vladimir Putin for an hour about the security concerns of the region.

Zarif had a short and fruitful visit to Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, which led to Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s trip to Iran, Mousavi said.

He said that Iran’s deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi has a trip to Afghanistan to meet with its officials and partake in a conference.

He added that after its failures in Afghanistan and the region, the US has commenced talking to certain groups to save itself. Its attempts are not based on good faith or to help peace process in Afghanistan.

Commenting on the nuisance made by the US jet fighters to the Iranian civilian airliner, Mousavi said the US is trying various kinds of banditry.

They have reached from sea piracy to air piracy. The US threatening the Iranian plane was a dangerous act and against international regulations, he said adding that Tehran has started a chain of measures with the help of General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Judiciary, and Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization to make Washington pay for.

Iran has started the process by its representative in the UN, he said, adding that proportionate response will be given to the US hostile move.

Regarding US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo statement that the US will make sure to extend the arms embargo on Iran, Mousavi said the US will spare no efforts for that. It has pressured all countries both at the level of the UNSC and the region. It is pressuring the permanent and the non-permanent UNSC members as well.

He added Iran has told both its friends and the UNSC members that it is not acceptable for Iran to be made deprive of the rights that Resolutions 2231 has given to it.

Mousavi said it is very unlikely that the US would be successful and the chances that any country succumbs to the US bullying illegal demands seem very remote.

The spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hoped Washington would stop its useless attempts and added that Iran will continue to gain its legal rights.

About Iran’s evaluation of the Democrats’ plan to succeed in the coming presidential elections in the US, he said that it is a domestic issue of the US and not directly pertaining to Iran.

Iran has tested all the US governments with different approaches; Iranians have a strong memory and remember that both the US Democratic and Republican administrations in the US have been hostile to Iran, he said.

Mousavi said that it is not important what the US presidential candidates say during their campaign, adding that Iran doesn’t count on who takes the office in the White House; what is important is their actions after they take office.

Answering a question about what measures have been taken so that France will not give the information of the black box of the Ukrainian plane that was accidentally shot down near Tehran in mid-January after the US raised tensions by assassinating Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, Mousavi said France has the technology to read the black box; and they should do that in presence of the countries that are part of the incident.

It is unlikely that France does so, he added.

About the message Zarif took to Putin, he said that the trip was already organized and as you saw Zarif was not in Tehran when Iraq’s prime minister was in Iran.

Tehran and Moscow have constant consultations, but in the current conditions the trip was necessary. On the trip, Zarif gave Rouhani’s message to Putin.

A part of the talks was about pressures of the US for extending Iran’s arms embargo, and a part was about renewing Tehran-Moscow 20-year agreement, he said, adding that the agreement was a 10-year one that was renewed two times, each time for five years.

The agreement has been the longest one between Iran and Russia, which is to be renewed with some amendments, Mousavi said.

Commenting on the Iraqi prime minister’s trip to Saudi Arabia that was canceled and if he was to take a message from Tehran to Riyadh, he said that he doesn’t add any information to what Iraq has given.

When a country’s official visits another one, apart from mutual issues, regional ones, disagreements, and misunderstandings are also discussed, he said.

He also said Iran has announced to different countries that the region and the neighbors are a top priority for Iran. And different countries have expressed readiness to make the two countries closer to one another, and this happens, Tehran is ready to show good faith.


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