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Syrian envoy: US threatening Iran’s passenger plane symbol of terrorism

Tehran, July 26, IRNA - Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud stressed that the US’ fighter jets threats against Iranian passenger plane Mahan Air is the symbol of Washington’s terrorism against civilians, including children and women.

In his statement a copy of which was given to IRNA, Mahmoud said the US’ act is considered as clear violation of international regulations and agreements with regard to non-military flights.

He underlined the importance of the US occupiers and other illegal foreign forces’ retreat from Syrian soil, saying their presence threatens regional peace and stability.

The US aggressor forces have been situated in eastern Syria and have built over 10 illegal bases, Mahmoud noted.

He said that the Syrian government has so far called for expulsion of all these forces from Syria, but the US has paid no attention to Damascus request.

Mahmoud went on to say that such aggressive measure has been taken in line with supporting terrorism and usurping Syrians' properties.

The Syrian diplomat sympathized with Iranian passenger some of whom were injured in the accident.

Mahan Air passenger plane was en route Beirut, Lebanon, when it was threatened by two US F-15 military jets over Syria.

The pilot of the Iranian plane says when he was talking to the pilots of the fighter jets to ask them to keep distance, they had said that they were American.

Although the Iranian plane finally landed in Beirut Airport unharmed, some of its passengers were immediately taken to hospital.

Earlier, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf said on Friday that the Americans are lying that they flew in the standard routine, while the pilot received two TCAS warnings due to the too much approach of the two fighters at the top and bottom of the aircraft.

"In contact with the person in charge of Operation of Mahan Airline, I followed up on the details of the American terrorists' adventure last night, because the American terrorists tried to achieve the sinister pre-planned goals by preparing the ground for a possible error," Qalibaf tweeted late on Friday.

Any US crime will undoubtedly accelerate the humiliating destruction of the arrogant powers in the region, especially the notorious Zionist regime, he added.


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