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JCPOA proves peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program: Russian analyst

Moscow, July 19, IRNA – The head of the international office of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia said that Iran managed to fully implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Gennady Avdeev said through implementing the JCPOA, Iran took away the US initiative to take anti-Iran measures.

Speaking on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the deal, Avdeev said the US is in a condition that cannot perform its anti-Iran programs in the United Nations Security Council, and Russia and China support Tehran against the US excessive demand.

The Russian analyst said Iran did its commitments and gained global support, but the US pulled out of the deal and proved that it is trustworthy for negotiations.

The US will cancel any deal that it signs with other countries, he said, adding that the US also showed that it does not respect even the UNSC decisions.

Avdeev also said that the US' move defamed the country in the UNSC and the international arena.

US President Donald Trump withdrew his country from the internationally-accepted and UNSC-endorsed JCPOA in May 2018 and restored all the sanctions on Iran.

In his recent anti-Iran attempts, Trump has been trying to extend the arms embargo on Iran that is to be removed in early fall according to the JCPOA, which according to the remaining countries in the deal, it is an American attempt to annihilate the deal.

This is while High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy and Security Affairs Josep Borrell has said that the US is no longer a JCPOA member.

The head of the international office of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia criticized Trump for the US policies about Iran and his withdrawal from the deal and called Trump “the most irrational” and “the most haphazard” president of the US in the recent decades who has managed to take measures against the principles of the international relations more than his predecessors.

He added that Trump has made the wrong decisions, which has reduced the likelihood of his victory in the coming presidential elections.

The high number of infected people (3.6 million) and high casualties of the coronavirus (about 140,000) is among his mistakes, he said, adding that now Trump is trying to make up for his mistakes by extending the arms embargo on Iran in order to gain a small victory to use in his campaign for being reelected.


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