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Rouhani: Astana talks only successful process for solving Syrian crisis

Tehran, July 1, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani termed Astana talks as the only successful process for solving the Syrian crisis peacefully and said that his trend has had many achievements so far.

Speaking in a joint video conference with his Russian and Turkish counterparts, Rouhani said that the three neighboring countries as peace guarantors are responsible for preserving it.

The Iranian president said that many developments have so far happened in Syria, adding, "So we have decided to hold a virtual meeting."

Iran slams any sanctions on nations particularly Syria, he said, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to support the Syrian people and their legitimate government.

The US regime's illegitimate and inhumane actions will not undermine the friendly bonds of its allies, he further noted.

The US should realize that what it has not achieved through military pressure and resorting to terrorist groups cannot be reached via economic pressure by the punishment of the Syrian people, he stated.

The US has imposed inhumane Caesar Act sanctions against Syria amid the COVID-19 outbreak which is a kind of economic terrorism.  

He slammed the imposition of any sanction against nations in the world, especially Syrians, saying Iran will continue its support for Syrian illegitimate government and people.

The US regime's illegitimate and inhumane acts will not disturb the determination of the friends of Syria and its allies, President Rouhani noted.

He assured the US that what it has not achieved through military pressure and taking advantage of terrorist groups will not be able to gain it through exerting economic pressures and punishing the Syrian people.

Today nine years after the start of the crisis in Syria Iran believes that the political way is the only solution to address the crisis in Syria, the Iranian president said.

Iran as a peace guarantor in the Astana process supports holding intra-Syrian talks and emphasizes its determination for fighting Daesh and Al-Qaeda in Syria and the entire region, President Rouhani noted.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he commemorated all martyrs of fighting terrorism, especially Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, saying that the US is a country which claimed of fighting terrorism and assassinated the champion of this fight and his companions.

It indicates the US regime's false claim with regard to terrorism.

He went on to say that fighting terrorism will continue until removing it from Syria and the region, adding that military forces' lives should not be at risk and terrorists should not take advantage of people as a human shield.

A united, independent Syria without the illegitimate presence of foreign forces will not only bring back peace to Syria but it will help maintain peace and security for neighbors.

Today we are holding a virtual Astana Summit as the world is facing a problem called the coronavirus pandemic, and the Syrian people are no exception, Rouhani said.

Although, the virus has created economic and health issues in Syria and it is necessary for people to have access to humanitarian aid namely medical and pharmaceutical items to fight the pandemic, the US regime in line with its cowardly attempts to pressure Syrians has imposed unilateral and inhumane sanctions called Caesar Act sanctions to reach its illegitimate aspirations.

This is economic terrorism which violates international human rights and the nations' sovereignty.

He noted that issues related to the Syrian refugees are also of importance and the international community and should help them return to their homeland.

Any conditionality of humanitarian aid to the realization of political goals will disrupt this process.

Rouhani said the illegitimate presence of the US occupiers in Syrian soil has turned out to be a destabilizing factor for Syria and the entire region.

"They are usurping natural resources of the country in Eastern Euphrates by increasing military bases," the Iranian president added.

He reintegrated the fact that the US terrorist forces should be expelled from the region soon.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani condemned the rise in the Zionist regime's aggression in the Syrian soil, saying in addition to occupying Golan Heights, the Zionist regime's measures will both violate Syrian sovereignty and will threaten regional peace and security.


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