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Return of all to JCPOA can save it: Spox

Tehran, June 29, IRNA – The spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday in his weekly press conference that the way to save the nuclear deal is everyone’s return to the accord.

Abbas Mousavi said that zigzag measures and sending signals to others is “not right and constructive”, adding that the Europeans know the Americans well and even “better than us”.

The Americans use all they have at hand to threaten the Europeans and make them make concessions; but it is better for all the members of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to do what they have achieved and not compromise.

Regarding Iran’s voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol, Mousavi said the Foreign Ministry has no problems with the bills that change into a law and will openly embrace and implement them, adding that the export opinions of the Foreign Ministry have already been given to Majlis (Iranian Parliament).

Touching the issue of the recent statement of the European troika after the resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he said that their stance was hesitant and not accepted by Iran.

They are JCPOA members and claim that they are intend to safeguard the deal, they take actions that are against the text and spirit of the deal. They proposed the resolution, against which Iran reacted heavily, he said.

About the relationship between Iran and Venezuela, Mousavi said that relations are official and not do not pertain to other countries and their interests. As two independent countries, Iran and Venezuela have had ties and the recent move was not something extraordinary. It was just trade between Iran and another country in another part of the world.

Saying that the relations between Tehran and Caracas are not welcomed by some countries, including the US, he added the will of the two countries is to have normal relations – especially economic ones – at every point.

The talks are in progress between Iran and Venezuela and there is a trip planned that will be made when finalized. It is nothing extraordinary to worry anyone, he said.

Answering a question about free presence and activity of the MKO terror group in Albania, he said that Iran doesn’t see “the feeble old group” in Europe worthy of spending any efforts on.

The terrorist MKO group is just a media hype and lies in social media, which neither has any impact nor is an important issue for Iran, he said.

Saying that Iran has warned Europe about the record and background of the group, Mousavi said Tehran has warned about providing shelter for a group that has killed old and young Iranian and Iraqi women and men.

He said Iran has warned them about the security consequences and dangers that the MKO can bring about for Europe, hoping that the Europeans will think who they are dealing with.

All in all, in our idea, the MKO is gone, he said.

Regarding Assadollah Assadi, the Iranian diplomat detained in Europe, he said good lawyers are working on that. But we do not reveal some issues, because they can disrupt the legal procedure of the case.

Iran is pursuing the issue ad tries to free all its citizens and diplomats, Mousavi said.


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