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Continuing injustice, basic problem of American society: Pakistani Professor

Islamabad, June 10, IRNA -- A Pakistani university professor strongly believes that continuing injustice has engulfed the whole American society which can also be seen in country’s domestic and international politics.

In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas, Professor of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University pointed out that racial discrimination is an old trait of the US; however, murder of George Floyd has highlighted it again.

In recent days, American people poured into streets to protest against the death of George Floyd - a black man who was unarmed and died in the hands of the police putting pressure on his throat until he choked.

The wave of protests spread from the city of Minneapolis, where the murder took place, to different states, and large crowds gathered in front of the White House.

Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas added that there have been some attempts in the history to end this discrimination in American society against Afro-Americans; however, this mindset of the American people could not be changed.

“In reality the afro-Americans are very depressed and seek justice,” said the scholar.

Dr. Abbas noted that basic problem of the US is the continuing injustice in the country. “They want to show to the world that they are an ideal society which is completely wrong,” he said.

The expert on international affairs expressing his views said the murder of George Floyd has badly exposed the injustice of America. “This is a heinous crime and should be condemned at all levels,” he said.

The professor added that Americans attacked Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria without any justification and were badly defeated. “It would be correct to say that the US is trying to put whole world under its knee, which is screaming ‘we can’t breathe’,” viewed the analyst.

Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas said that injustice of the US can be seen in the domestic and international politics.

He said that the US which is worried about the human rights situation of other countries in the world should pay more focus on its poor people who are forced to live without food and sleep on the roads.

“Nobody talks about such human rights violations in the American society as the media is under their control,” said the professor.  He viewed the US has the long list of human rights violations not only within country but in other countries as well.


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