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Opportunists seeking to sabotage Tehran-Kabul relations

Kabul, June 8, IRNA - Opportunists in both Iran and Afghanistan have rolled up their sleeves to damage Tehran-Kabul under different pretexts.

Recently, three illegal Afghan refugees were killed and four others wounded during a car accident in the central Iranian province of Yazd, the accident which went viral after being poisoned by some opportunists who are against cordial ties between Iran and Afghanistan.

Police will naturally shoots at a car when its driver ignores warnings, Jafar Atai, an Afghan media activist said.

Afghan social media are muddying the waters, Atai added.

Referring to remarks made by Afghanistan's Ambassador to Iran Abdulghafour Lival talking about the incident, the author said the car accident occurred due to the reckless performance of traffickers who were traveling in the car.

He went on to point out that these remarks have been quoted as saying by one of the refugees in the car.

This is an accident that should be followed up, but people should know that they cannot change others' behavior via damn words and ballyhoo, Atai said advising [Afghan people] to find proper language to express their demands if they expect Iranians to take human behavior.   

He further criticized the Afghan social media for choosing a hostile language to express their demands.

In a related development, the Afghan ambassador to Tehran, too, talked about the issue, saying that Iranian officials have been committed to identify the culprits behind the incident and punish them.

Lival has stressed that the driver and drug traffickers are the ones who caused such a car accident.

However, certain characters, covering up as civil activists have aided enemies in deteriorating ties between the two neighboring countries.

Of course, such destructive moves have strongly been criticized by Afghan people.

Another Afghan correspondent too believes that both Afghan and Iranian officials should take more serious measures to review affairs related to refugees who are after finding jobs.

Experts believe that smugglers are behind happening of such tragic events because they are just after serving their interests without caring about the lives of their compatriots.

Tens of people may daily lose their lives in deserts and mountains as those places are routes for traffickers to transport drugs and refugees.  

Meysam, a social media activist, has written that although people have legal right to call for punishment of those who caused the incident, the demands should be asked through the right ways not gathering after organized plans in front of an embassy just under the name of so-called national solidarity.

Now the question is that where were those who gathered in front of the Iranian Embassy when some innocent Iranians were burnt in the Taliban's fire in Ghazni, the center of Afghanistan.

Against what happened in Yazd can be protested, but not through hostile ways.

In reaction to the Yazd car accident, the Iranian government and Afghan foreign ministry have stated that they will follow up the case until justice is served.


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