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Iran defeats Israel in cyber war, Arab analyst says

Tehran, May 23, IRNA – A senior Middle East analyst wrote in the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Rai al-Youm on Saturday that in the cyberwar with the Zionist regime, Iran is victorious.

Saying that these days there is a psychological war between Iran and Israel, Abdel Bari Atwan wrote that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has entered the war with full power.

"The Zionist regime is the most evident example of state terrorism," he tweeted on Wednesday that before the World Quds Day ceremony.

“Ever since Britain’s anti-Islamic, antihuman policies put the Zionists to rule in #Palestine, they have been acting like a cancerous tumor, furthering their goals by massacring children, women, and men.”

He also said that Iran “will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and does not hesitate to say this".

The Supreme Leader had said that "eliminating the Zionist regime doesn’t mean eliminating Jews. We aren’t against Jews", which has taken away a trump card from the Zionist regime and the US.

Atwan said that the remarks made by the number-one person of Iran are especially important since they have been simultaneous with four big developments:

One, a cyber-war has started between the two sides, the last of which was Iranian hackers attacking Israel’s security and military websites and publishing anti-Zionist slogans.

Two, Israel’s severe attacks on Syria to drive Iranian military advisors out of there which failed.

Three, the tension has escalated between Iran and the US. Iran has challenged the US by sending six oil tankers to Venezuela that is under the US unilateral sanctions. It is likely that Washington decides to stop the tankers, which will affect the conditions in the Persian Gulf too.

Four, Iran has curbed the coronavirus disease despite all the US sanctions, and unlike other countries Iran was not much affected by the drop in oil prices.

Atwan went on to say that the Zionist regime cannot fight even several fronts, i.e. sea, air, and ground, let alone cyber-war that can endanger its infrastructures and in which Iran is well-experienced.

The cyberspace is the backbone of Israel’s economy; if hurt, it will be catastrophic for the Zionist regime, he wrote.

Iran’s allies have been liberated from the crises, that is two governments have taken office in Lebanon and Iraq and protests have abated in two Middle Eastern countries. And on the other hand, regional rivals of Iran have problems. For example, the budget deficit has reached 50% in Saudi Arabia due to a drop in oil revenues and closure of border points due to coronavirus outbreak, which has decrease import and non-oil exports.


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