Defending Palestine “universal cause”, more important for Muslims, head of Iran's Judiciary says

Tehran, May 21, IRNA – Head of Iran’s Judiciary Branch Ebrahim Raeesi said in a statement published on Thursday that the cause of supporting the Palestinian’s oppression at the hands of the Zionist regime is a universal one, but it is especially important to Muslims because the Holy Quds was the first Qibla for them.

Ayatollah Ebrahim Raeesi said that the US and some Western countries have been trying hard for 70 years to drive a nation out of their homes and deprive them of their basic and natural right, i.e. the right to determine their fate and own land.

Raeesi wrote that in the seven decades, many Palestinian cities, villages, and houses were occupied and many innocent people were killed, which is a big oppression and moves any free person regardless of their nationality, race, and religion to defend the oppressed nation.

He added that the cause is still alive and will be alive until the Zionist regime is removed and Palestinians rights are restored.

These days “the wild West and its worshippers” are trying to pursue the Deal of the Century” to sell the Palestinian cause; however, the resistant people of Palestine, the free people of the region, and many other parts of the world consider defending Palestine as a duty and will defeat such plans.

This year that the outbreak of coronavirus has impeded the rallies of World Quds Day, we see that people are showing their repugnance for usurers and their support for the oppressed people of Palestine through new innovations, he said.


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