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Quds Day, despotic regimes, and responsible people

Baghdad, May 18, IRNA – One of the achievements of Quds International Day in the past four decades has been taking away the issue of Palestine from the unfair ineffective Arab rulers and giving it to the responsible people of the region.

Khalid al-Kinani, an Iraqi parliamentarian, said in this regard that the people becoming dominant on the issue of Palestine has been a huge turning point in the 70-year breathtaking fight against the Zionists.

Experts believe that the plot of the Deal of the Century is a reliable yardstick to prove the fruitlessness of the Arab despots in solving the issue of Palestine and fruitfulness of Muslim nations.

The US and the Zionist regime hoped to impose the Deal of the Century on the region through the Arab rulers, but due to the vast resistance of the Muslims, the plan has had no results and the term of office of the US President Donald Trump is to finish in a few months. So as seen, The International Day of Quds has become an important occasion among Muslims of the World.

Al-Kinani told IRNA that the effectivity of the people of the region, instead of the Arab despots, is huge development of the past 70 years but also stressed the pathology of it.

He said since the time the effective role of Arab ruler has become weak and the role of the Muslim people has strengthened, some moves have been launched to harm the big development.

He said one of the threats is that they are trying to drive the day toward religious and sectarian disagreements.

Al-Kinani told IRNA that late Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of Ramadan “the International Day of Quds” so that all the Muslims united around the most central issue of the Muslim world – the issue of Palestine.

The Quds Day has shown that it works like a pulpit for the unity of the Muslims against the Zionist regime, he said, hoping that soon the Holy Quds will be freed from the yoke of the Zionists by the Resistance Movement.

He added that the people of the region should distance themselves from the Arab states of the region that are mostly minions of the US and the Zionist regime for implementing the Deal of the Century.

Iraq has been among the countries that have been holding the International Quds Day rallies, but this year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus the rallies have been cancelled.

Most of the Islamic Resistance groups in Iraq have expressed readiness to liberate the Holy Quds alongside the Palestinians and some have even formed units named “Quds”. 


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