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Croatian Envoy calls for upgrading ties with Iran

Tehran, May 18, IRNA – Croatian ambassador to Tehran Drago Stambuk on Monday called for upgrading ties with Iran, saying, "I am proud of serving in Iran where according to scientific documents there are historical affinities between Iranians and the Croats."

In an interview with the Croatian daily, Večernji list, Drago Stambuk said that his diplomatic mission in Tehran was to strengthen bilateral relations between Croatia and Iran, to encourage, support and work together to promote peaceful policies, including through the European Union.

Regarding Iran's fight against the coronavirus, he said: "In general, Iran has fought well against the contagious coronavirus."

"Iran has good physicians and a strong health care system, and since the end of February, it has successfully faced a downward chart and good results in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic."

He explained how the global effects and consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic have affected the world, saying, "I think so far all the achievements and progress we have made and all the efforts that humanity has made have all been reversed. It's as if the world we've disappeared overnight. The heat turned to cold."

"Tendency to profitability and greed has conquered hearts, and we face a terrifying world where terrified people are looking for peace and health. It remains to be seen how this accelerated cycle can be stopped so that we are not harmed. We need to re-balance nature and take control of our own destiny. The divergence from humanity in the name of progress is the beginning of the end of knowledge and human humanity."

"If reason, wisdom, and goodwill prevail and good things rule in the world order, then power will not be decisive; Rather, humanity and justice rule as power. Coronavirus is an opportunity to change the way we think about global behavior and to motivate the mind and conscience."

In response to how he feels and understands the people and Iran, the Croatian ambassador to Tehran replied: "Iran is a multi-ethnic country with an ancient history and civilization and its own civilization characteristics. If we compare the geographical maps with the past and if we examine the past history and the various Iranian architecture, arts, and culture, this gives Iranians a sense of calm and security, or in other words, a sense of superiority, and for this reason, one should never speak with arrogance and bullying in political talks and negotiations with Iranians."

"Iranians value the spirit of empathy. They want mutual respect and they care about kindness. In Iran, you will often be surprised by their friendly attitude. Iran is the land of poets, gardens, flowers and nightingales and turquoise stones and wonderful places and beautiful urban planning. The cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Tabriz, Qazvin, and other cities are pearls that every traveler should visit."

The Croatian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of Croatia's most experienced diplomats, poets, and physicians. He is the author of several books with world awards, including the author of the "Golden Formula of the Croatian Language Cha-Kai-Ashtu", which was recently introduced as a cultural heritage.

He is also the author of a book of poetry in Persian called "Damavand from the other side of the sea", which was unveiled last winter in Tehran.


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