Israel's covetous eye on West Bank doubles importance of Quds Day: US professor

New York, May 17, IRNA -- History professor at the University of Houston, Texas, slammed Zionist regime's plan to formally annex large parts of the West Bank, saying that declaring opposition to legalizing occupation of Palestinian territories would double the significance of Quds Day this year.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Saturday, Gerald Horne added that the situation in the region is on the verge of exploding due to Netanyahu's plans and visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to win support.

Noting that the danger of this situation will go beyond the Palestinian territories and will also threaten Jordan and Egypt, endangering the stability of the two countries, he said that Al-Sisi thinks he is in control of the situation in Egypt, but given the sensitive situation in the occupied territories, continued violation of Palestinian rights and US' support for Israel's repressive policies, Egypt cannot be optimistic about maintaining its situation and will not be safe from the crisis in the Palestinian territories.

The professor of the Faculty of American-African History at the University of Houston added that the critical situation in the occupied territories is the result of the convergence of Israeli and American governments.

Describing Quds Day as an opportunity to highlight the Zionist regime's policies against Muslims and Palestinians, he said that Netanyahu had promised to annex the West Bank and its settlements to Israel.

Netanyahu's plan is to execute the right-wing and extremist current's program for the future of the Palestinians. Of course, his alliance with the Benny Gantz is fragile, and perhaps his government will not last long and collapse, the professor said.

He reiterated that Israel is a stronghold for the US in the Middle East, and any current in office with any policy in mind will be backed by it. The Israeli lobby is very influential in Washington, and unfortunately it even has figures from the progressive faction in the Congress backing it.

The late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of Ramadan as World Quds Day and called for the formation of a united Islamic and humanitarian front to realize the rights of the oppressed peoples and fight against oppressors and their policies until the collapse of arrogance and establishment of security and peace in the world.


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