On the eve of Quds Day, world welcomes initiative to raise Palestinian flag

London, May 17, IRNA -- Various anti-Zionist groups from around the world have sent messages on social media, expressing their support for the initiative to raise the Palestinian flag on the occasion of World Quds Day and stressing the need for resistance against the aggressions of the occupying regime.

This year's World Quds Day is a different year for many Palestinian fans across the world.

Each year, thousands of Muslims, Christians, Jews, human rights groups, and European anti-Zionist organizations flock to the city's central streets on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan to renew their allegiance with the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini's movement.

Holding placards and waving Palestinian flags, they chanted "Down with Israel" in front of passers-by.

But the spread of the coronavirus and accordingly the need for upholding health guidelines have hampered this year's demonstrations in most countries.

That is why the British Muslims, led by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, have taken a creative initiative this year.

The Islamic Commission of Human Rights, as the organizer of the World Quds Day in London, has launched a new campaign calling on the opponents of the Zionist regime to raise the flag of Palestine in support of the oppressed Palestinian people anywhere in the world during the last ten days of Ramadan and post a photo of it on social media.

The Islamic organization has also created a hashtag "raise the flag" and called on people to take part in the campaign.

Head of the British Islamic Human Rights Commission Masoud Shajareh said that the move has quickly become popular not only in Britain but also in other countries seeking administration of justice in the case of Palestine.

He maintained that over 100 Islamic institutions from various countries, including Mozambique, India and the United States, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia have so far expressed support for organizations to take part in the campaign.

In the same vein, a group of German Muslims have in a show of their friendship with the Palestinian people posted a photo in cyberspace, in which the flags of the two countries are displayed within an image of a heart painted on the ground.

Meanwhile, a number of Nigerian Muslims and supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki, the country's Shiite leader, have put on clothes in color of the Palestinian flag and posted pictures on social media.

President of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Mick Napier stressed the need for backing the campaign 'raise the flag', saying that the Zionist thugs have displaced large numbers of Palestinians since 1948.

But the day will finally come when Palestine will gain victory, he reiterated.

Horia Batelja, a civil activist living in Paris, France, also posted a message on Facebook in support of the Palestinians, calling their history and resistance not only a human duty but also an honor for human society.

Referring to the Zionist lobby's pressure to silence opposition movements around the world, Batelja stressed the need to stand up to the crimes of the occupying regime in Quds, describing the struggle for Palestine as a struggle for all freedom of Muslims.

In Denmark, the head of the Imam Ali Mosque also referred to the Zionist regime's extensive efforts to silence Muslims in the face of Tel Aviv's crimes, stressing the need for resistance and displaying solidarity of the Muslims in the cyberspace.

Sheikh Mohammad Khani stated in a video message that not as a Muslim, but as a human being, one should not give in to bullying.

He described the crackdown as the imprisonment of hundreds of children, the bombing of thousands of civilians and the occupation of Palestinian lands, and asked how such a regime could be called a democracy.

The Zionist regime intends to annex parts of the West Bank, which it occupied during the war in 1967, as of the next month.

The European Union has called the move a serious violation of international law and warned of its consequences.

Some European countries have also threatened to change the basis of their relations with Tel Aviv if the Israeli regime decides to annex the West Bank.

The United Nations also warned about the risks of the move, saying that any hope of achieving peace between the Palestinians and Israel will be dashed.


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