May 9, 2020, 2:03 PM
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Final season of the Prince's ambitions

Tehran, May 9, IRNA – All the ambitions of Mohammad Ben Salman, the crown prince who wanted to turn Saudi Arabia into a high tech hub in 14 years without petrodollars, have now stranded in less than 5 years.

MBS's wide-ranging ambitious plans, from the construction of NEOM Tech City with $500 billion to give a modern image of old-fashioned Saudi Arabia with such superficial changes as authorizing women to drive and holding music concerts, which were to come true by 2030, have now put the country on the verge of the precipice.

The crown prince, along with his ambitious plans, began Yemen war with forming an Arabic-Western coalition to supposedly win it in the course of a few months, is now facing not only with the collapse of the coalition but also with such criminal charges as random bombing and killing of children and women in Yemen as well as gaining notoriety as the child-killer regime.

The war which serves as an important cause of the prince's frustration has now mingled with the steep collapse of oil prices accompanied by a cut in Saudi Arabia's oil exports from 10 million barrels per day to 6 million.

It seems that MBS either failed to get the message when US President Donald Trump said Saudi Arabia is a milk cow for the US, or he was overconfident of his calculations.

Being hit by the coronavirus outbreak which obviously had no place in MBS's calculation, he has also failed in his regional policies as the kingdom has alienated Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE), two of its former allies.

On Human Rights, the crown prince exacerbated the kingdom's portfolio after the killing and dismemberment of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi which was followed by harsh criticism even from European partners of Riyadh.

The challenges posed by MBS can be listed as follows:

Undermining economic base of Saudi Arabia, crazy arms purchases, making big brother for neighboring Arab states, hatemongering in its relations with neighbors like Iran, Qatar and Syria, the militarization of diplomacy leadership, insisting on Yemen war, undermining regional position because of fruitless interventions in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Libya, and killing of Khashoggi which was the coup de grace to the kingdom's Human Rights case.

The could be many reasons for MBS's failure, but the most important one can be the ambitious behavior experienced by many leaders in the region like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and others.


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