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US frustrated with Iran: Former Russian diplomat

Moscow, May 3, IRNA – A diplomat of the former Soviet Union said on Sunday that repeated mistakes by US President Donald Trump about Iran has actually weakened the US so much that they have failed to achieve what they want despite using all tools.

Mikhail Gosev told IRNA that Trump cannot solve the problems of the US, adding Trump targets Iran to digress public opinion.

Gosev said that the most important issue in the US is the spread of the coronavirus that has killed 67,000 and infected more than one million people, most of whom are bed-ridden and can’t work.

Saying that the US ranks first in coronavirus infection, Gosev added that Trump’s impudence and wrong policies and late acts caused such a condition in the US.

Trump likened COVID-19 to everyday flu, which made the conditions much worse in the US, he said.

Gosev said Trump threatens to hit Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf to cover up the impacts of his fatal mistakes.

The former Soviet politician wondered why US warships should be present in the Persian Gulf and cause tensions, and added that presence of US and Western warships doesn’t help the security of the region whatsoever.

Collective cooperation of the the regional countries to provide security of the Persian Gulf will be more effective for de-escalation, he said.

He added the other issue is failure of Trump’s policies in Western Asia; the US and its Western and Arab allies have spent billions of dollars to topple Bashar al-Assad government in Syria. They helped the terrorists with thousands of tons of guns in the name of human rights and freedom.

Had the West not interfered, hundreds of thousands of people would not have been massacred in Syria. Contrary to his campaign promise, Trump did not withdraw US troops from Syria, he said.

The Russian analyst said that Trump aims tensions in Iraq as well. Though the Iraqi Parliament has voted against US presence in their country, Washington continues its non-democratic conduct in Iraq.

Trump threatened Iran inside Iraq as well and thinks that the public hatred toward US in Iraq is due to Iran’s policies, which is not the case. The people of Iraq are sick and tired of US occupation of their country and do not want to witness US crimes in Iraq.

He added Trump made mistakes with regards to Iraq; sooner or later the US forces will have to leave Iraq.

Gosev added that the US withdrawal from the internationally-accepted and UNSC-endorsed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action hurt the US reputation badly.

Everyone in the world saw that the US ignored the international deal and violated the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, which show US ignoring international law and norms, he said.

He added that the US cannot make Iran retreat from its goals and progress, which is well displayed in the launching of Nour military satellite.


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