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Any conflict with Iran to be “a disaster” for Trump

New York, April 29, IRNA – A former advisor to the US Republican Party told IRNA that any conflicts in the Persian Gulf will be a disaster for President Donald Trump.

James George Jatras told IRNA in an interview about the "tensions, the military causes" in the Persian Gulf that a hotline between Tehran and Trump could be “a great idea” but because of the belligerent people of the White House “it will not happen”.

“There are lots of things we should be doing with respect to Iran that we're not doing and a lot of things we should not be doing that we are doing; and a lot of this all boils down to Israeli and Saudi desires to have the United States do their dirty work for them and to get rid of the current Iranian government.

“How the United States benefits from that nobody can say. It really doesn't have any bearing on our national interests for our national security and again this is the failure of Mr. Trump's promising ‘America First’ policy we didn't get one, and we still haven't gotten one, and we will not get one.”

Jatras said Trump is surrounded by people like Kushner, Pompeo, and Brian Hook that are not after a hotline with Iran.

He added, “The global oil economy is virtually dead. So what exactly is the commodity and great value that we are trying to stop the export of … in terms of the economics of oil, having a confrontation with Iran doesn't make any sense on that basis.”

He said, “it seems to me that it's more likely that some of the elements in our government that want a confrontation with Iran and have felt that President Trump has not been sufficiently willing to pull the trigger see the current obsession with the corona virus and the lockdown and all of this as an opportunity to make mischief.”

The US Navy, Army and Air Force had a military drill in the Persian Gulf that is said to have been organized to confront with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

He added, “They are going to try to provoke some kind of an Iranian response and it seems the President is lending rhetorical support to that. We'll see whether he actually wants to go the last fatal step which in the past he has declined to do.”

Answering the question about the criticism against Trump for his handling the COVID-19 crisis and if some sort of military conflict abroad could benefit him internally, Jatras said, “I don't think it would be any benefit to him at all and that's one of the ironies here.”

He said if such a conflict were to break out whether it's with the Iranians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, or even the Russians, it would be a disaster both for Trump and US economy.

“He would immediately be accused of using this as a deliberate distraction from the way he has dealt with the coronavirus, which you can argue whether he's done a good job or not on that.”

“You will get some rally around the flag response from the people who are supportive of him anyway attention only maybe 35 or 40 percent of the population. He will be totally and completely condemned by all of the media except for Fox News.”

Jatras said it is a part of the thinking behind the people within the establishment, who would love to have a confrontation with the Iranians because, this way, not only would they get a chance to harm the Iranians, which they want to do, but they also get to blame it on Trump and it helps to seal his fate in November.

Being asked who these people specifically are, Jatras answered, “I think it's the same people that within the intelligence community who have been trying to overthrow him ever since he took office … I mean within the CIA, the FBI, and the Justice Department, but to a less extent within the military.”

He went on to say that some elements include the media, the financial system and so forth that have looked at Trump has a very unwelcome interloper into their very cozy arrangement.

Some think tanks believe that there should be a hotline through one of the Arab states of the region between Iran and the US so that the military commanders of the two countries can be in touch to avoid any miscalculations.


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